UW Medicine Compliance

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Prevention Training

This training explains how to protect UW Medicine from fraud, waste, and abuse, and how to obtain help and advice from UW Medicine Compliance. Principles for this training are in the UW Medicine’s Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Prevention policy. By completing this training, individuals learn:

  • How much fraud costs government healthcare programs
  • How to define fraud, waste, and abuse
  • About mandatory compliance programs, the elements and benefits of an effective compliance program
  • How failure to comply with government regulations in this area can impact providers
  • How to get help with your documentation and coding
  • How to report a compliance concern

Who/Audience: UW Medicine (including the UW School of Medicine) employees and trainees engaging in patient care services and billing or related activities; and its governing bodies. For additional information visit the Required Compliance Training page.

When: Upon hire

Delivery Method: Auto-assigned through the UW Medicine Learning Hub, VMC workforce access the Percipio LMS via MyValley.

Training requires approximately 20 minutes to complete.