UW Medicine Compliance

Protecting Patient Information (HIPAA) Training

This training explains how to identify and safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI), how to use the UW Medicine Compliance website to find applicable policies and resources, and how to contact UW Medicine Compliance. By completing this training, individuals are able to:

  • Recognize and appropriately use, including for research purposes, patients’ PHI
  • Understand authorization requirements
  • Safeguard PHI
  • Know patient’s rights under HIPAA
  • Identify the need for a Business Associates Agreement
  • Understand how to obtain UW Medicine Compliance assistance and resources

Who/Audience: UW Medicine (affiliated covered entity) employees, trainees, and volunteers who have, or have potential for, exposure to protected health information (PHI). For additional information visit the Required Compliance Training page.

When: Upon hire

Delivery Method: Auto-assigned through the UW Medicine Learning Hub, VMC workforce access the training via MyValley.

Training requires approximately 20 minutes to complete.