UW Medicine Compliance

Political Campaigning – FAQs

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members including faculty, non-faculty healthcare professionals, trainees and staff navigate the applicable laws, policies and rules governing political campaigning and workplace resources. Political campaigning includes any activity to solicit support—financial or otherwise—for or against ballot issues, legislation or political/electoral candidates. If you have any questions about whether a particular activity is permitted, consult your department chair, director, supervisor or manager before undertaking such an activity.

What restrictions are placed on political campaigning in the workplace?
Can I send my friends and colleagues information about a particular candidate or issue on the ballot?
Can a group of employees borrow the medical center’s delivery van and drive to Olympia to march in support of hospital legislation?
I feel strongly about a current issue. I want to write a letter to the local newspaper. Can I sign the letter using my job title or employer’s name?
I want to wear my candidate’s campaign button in the work place and display a sign with the candidate’s campaign slogan; is this permissible?
I want to distribute political materials in the work place; is this permissible?



Political Campaigning