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Product Demonstration Site Agreements – FAQs

Technology is a significant and important component of the delivery of healthcare. State-of-the-art equipment is often vital to achieving the highest quality of care. Equipment and device manufacturers are often interested in showcasing their technologies in a medical setting and may seek to enter into product demonstration site agreements (sometimes referred to by vendors as “show site” agreements) with UW Medicine hospitals and clinics. Increasingly, healthcare entities around the nation including UW Medicine rely more and more on demonstration site visits in order to fully evaluate vendor products in a real-world clinical setting prior to purchase.

Federal regulatory agencies have increased scrutiny of these and other arrangements and have raised concerns about the substance of some of these agreements. Organizations must exercise caution before entering into such arrangements and avoid the appearance of endorsing vendors or vendor products.

UW Medicine carefully examines demonstration site proposals to make sure that they clearly support faculty/practitioner education, training and information sharing rather than merely serving as a marketing tool for vendors. Under appropriate circumstances UW Medicine will consider entering into demonstration site agreements with vendors that are focused on education and training related to the equipment/devices.

The following FAQs are intended to help UW Medicine workforce members respond appropriately to product demonstration site requests:

What is the difference between an inappropriate “vendor show site” and an appropriate “product demonstration site” at UW Medicine facilities?
What are some characteristics of an unacceptable vendor show site arrangement?
What are some characteristics of an acceptable product demonstration site?
My department has purchased a new piece of expensive equipment and the manufacturer has asked us to demonstrate the product. What should we do?
What should we expect from a compliance review?
Who approves these agreements?



Product Demonstration Site Agreements