In Vivo Services

Director Warren Ladiges, DVM
Program Manager Robert J. Hunter


The In Vivo Services (IVS) Core in the Department of Comparative Medicine is designed to provide physiological assessment and technical procedures on mouse lines for investigators at the University of Washington.   The following assays and services will be provided as an hourly charge on a fee for service basis:

  1. Metabolic Testing, to include Quantitative Magnetic Resonance (QMR) imaging, Glucose Tolerance Testing (GTT), Insulin Sensitivity Testing (IST), and Administration of High Fat Diets

  2. Behavioral Testing, to include Radial Water Tread Maze, Rotarod, and Mobility in an Open Field

  3. Exercise Testing, to include Grip Strength, Running Wheels, and Treadmill

  4. Technical Procedures, to include Blood Draws, Injections, Immunizations, Breeding, Weaning, Tagging, Biopsies, and Necropsies

  5. Additional technical procedures and services, such as Tumor Treatment Testing, Animal Protocol Development, or substitution for emergency technical procedures.  Please contact Robert Hunter to schedule a meeting for more information.

All assays and procedures are billed by the hour beginning with one half hour, followed by quarter hour increments for service provided.  For the fiscal period of September 25, 2013 to July 24, 2014, the approved rate is $59.39 per hour.