Why NeSSI™

Our driver is to simplify and standardize sample system design. There is also a huge opportunity to adapt the emerging class of "lab on a chip" sensors to a miniature/modular "smart" manifold which could fundamentally change the way industry does process analysis.

Objective 1

Facilitate the acceptance / implementation of modular, miniature & smart sample system technology based on ANSI/ISA SP76 standard substrate

Objective One

Objective 2

Provide a technology bridge to the process for...“sensor/lab-on-a-chip” micro-analytical devices

Objective Two

Objective 3

Promote the concept of... field-mounted (By-Line) smart analytical systems

Objective Three

Objective 4

Lay the groundwork for Pipe to Pixel™ open connectivity architecture for intrinsically safe transducer communications and industry standard communication protocols

Objective Four