Benefits of CPAC Membership

Peer Communication

  • Networking: Sponsor-to-Center and Sponsor-to-Sponsor Interaction
  • Information Clearinghouse/Resource Center
  • Semiannual Sponsor Meetings
  • Focus Groups
  • Benchmarking
  • Access to World Class Scientists, Research Facilities, and On-going Research
  • Sponsor Input for New Proposal Selection
  • Newsletters and Announcements
  • World Wide Web Site
  • Leveraged Funding & Combined Resources

New Knowledge

  • Increase Research Opportunities
  • Base Technology Development
  • Sponsor Directed Special Projects (R&D for sponsors)
  • Teaming Opportunities

Students/Future Employees

  • Student Support through Stipends/Fellowships
  • Recruiting Advantages
  • Student Cooperative Opportunities in Sponsor Companies

Tangible Items/Deliverables

  • Publications & Theses
  • Progress Reports for Current Research
  • Software
  • Devices, Prototypes
  • Patents, Licenses

Continuing Education

  • Short Courses & Seminars
  • Summer Institute
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development in Process Analytical
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Visiting Scientist Program

For additional comments from our sponsor's point of view please see Sponsor View of Membership