CPAC, established at the University of Washington in 1984, is a consortium of Industrial, National Laboratory and Government Agency Sponsors addressing multidisciplinary challenges in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Process Control through fundamental and directed academic research.  CPAC is focused on developing tools that will enable process optimization and product quality improvements.

Fall at the UW

CPAC Spring 2012 Meeting
Hotel Deca, Seattle, WA
May 7-9, 2012

2012 Agenda
Broad Challenges and Issues for Real-Time Measurement, Tutorial on NMR, Impact of CPAC Technical Developments, Poster Sessions, and more!

Fall at the UW

CPAC Rome Meeting 2012
March 19-22, 2012

(Online registration)
The workshop will provide continuing educational opportunities in the areas of Micro-Instrumentation, Process Intensification and Future Chemical Factories. The presentations will include challenges in the selected areas, case studies, and new technical advances including emerging applications for NeSSI™ (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative)


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CPAC Fall Meeting 2012
Hotel Deca, Seattle, WA

2011 Agenda
Workshop on Advances in Gas Chromatography with Alignment for Real-Time Decision Making, Utilization of PAT (Process Analytical Technology) to Achieve Effective Manufacturing, Poster Sessions, NeSSI Meeting, and more!