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Circle Time Magazine Episode 1


Welcome to Circle Time Magazine

Circle Time Magazine is a professional development web series just for early childhood educators. Join our hosts as they discuss topics related to the work you do with young children every day. Each episode features guests sharing their tips and expertise, trying out materials, highlighting their favorite books, and showing video examples so you can see learning in action.

Episode 1

Our first episode is all about number concepts. Join us as we discuss what infants, toddlers, and preschoolers understand about math, key concepts educators can easily use in their daily plans, and lots of tips and ideas to mathematize learning opportunities. 

STARS credits are available for each episode. To receive STARS credits complete the evaluation associated with each episode.

Knowledge Check - Episode 1

Share your new skills with your coach and peers by uploading video of your new math practices to the Coaching Companion.

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Resources for Episode 1

Circle Time Magazine: Download your copy!

Download the magazine for suggestions on how to use the materials shown in the Try It Out segment on the show. You can also view it online

Make Your Own Dice - Download this PDF for the template.

Learning Trajectories



These math learning trajectories serve as a guide to understand the big ideas around math concepts, developmental progressions, and suggestions for planning instruction.

Number Relationships and Operations (PDF)

Number Concepts and Quantities (PDF)

More Resources

Practice and Plan to Mathematize Learn more about how to encourage children's math skills throughout the day. Brainstorm language and steps to take to include mathematizing in the classroom.
Download the PDF.

Math Talk Around the Room Educators can use this tool to brainstorm math language.
Download the PDF.

Early Math with Gracie & Friends apps from First 8 Studios. The website contains teacher’s guides and weekly lesson plans. You can access the apps on IOS or Android devices.
Visit the website.