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Circle Time Magazine

Welcome to Circle Time Magazine

Circle Time Magazine is a professional development web series just for early childhood educators created and produced by Gail Joseph, founding director of Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington. Join our hosts as they discuss topics related to the work you do with young children every day. Each episode features guests sharing their tips and expertise, trying out materials, highlighting their favorite books, and showing video examples so you can see learning in action.

Let’s Mathematize! Circle Time Magazine Adds Math to Everyday Experiences!

How Big am I? Learning Measurement Concepts in Early Childhood

Let’s go on a Shape Hunt – Increasing our Knowledge about Geometry & Spatial Awareness

¡Vamos a Hacer Matemáticas! Añadiendo matemáticas a las experiencias cotidianas

¿Qué tan grande estoy yo? – Aprendiendo conceptos de medición en la primera infancia

Vamos en una cacería de figuras – Incrementando nuestro conocimiento sobre Geometría & Sentido Espacial

Moving to the Beat! – Let’s Learn About Patterns in Early Childhood Math

¡Moverse al compás! – Vamos a aprender acerca de los patrones en las matemáticas de la primera infancia