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Short topical essays commenting on games in academia & culture.

Mass Effect 3 and the Inertia of Lore

A few days ago there was some reporting on gamer discontent over the ending matter of Bioware’s bestselling Mass Effect 3. Gamers channeled their frustrations on forums and through social media, and one fan actually filed an FTC complaint, claiming … Continue reading

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Ni Hao, Bu Hao: “Gold Farming” Keywords GIG Follow-Up

The Keywords for Video Game Studies session on “Gold Farming” sparked animated discussion about the ways gold farming must be analyzed and articulated as both a range of practices and/or problematic discourses.  The session opened with the simple question, “What … Continue reading

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Video+Game+Other+Media: Video Games and Remediation

This quarter Sarah Kremen-Hicks and I are embarking on two firsts: teaching together for the first time (though we have presented on panels together and generally celebrate each other’s geeky peccadilloes) and teaching a brand new video game focus group … Continue reading

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Unethical Game Design & Compulsion Manipulation

Junglist over at 5 inch Floppy has put together an interesting overview of the changing debate over gaming and addiction entitled “Unethical Game Design” (see below). There are some short interviews with Aarseth and Bogost, as well as a psychologist … Continue reading

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THATCamp PNW 2011 Post-Mortem

On November 12, 2011, three CGP members and Keywords for Video Game Studies organizers had the esteemed opportunity to participate and present a workshop at THATCamp PNW 2011 at the University of Washington-Bothell.   THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) … Continue reading

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