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Bodies (and Sex) That Matter: Keywords Follow-Up

by Edmond Chang, Merritt Kopas, and Jennifer  LeMesurier Many thanks to everyone that attended and contributed to the second Keywords session of Winter Quarter on “bodies/sex” and games. The framing questions for the session reveal the varied, overlapping, and sometimes … Continue reading

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‘RapeLay’, Simulating Sexual Assault

A recent CNN report and media fervor over “Hentai games” from Japan, a genre of sexually graphic (even gratuitous) media now turned video game.  Ostensibly adult only, these games raise challenging questions about the purpose and power of games, about … Continue reading

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Dragon Age Gay Sex Scene

I am presenting today at the Queer + Public + Performance Autumn Tea Time. This informal colloquium provides a space for UW and community scholars and intellectuals to present their work. Today, I am presenting my own interests, work, and … Continue reading

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Man weds Anime Game Character

A Japanese man who calls himself SAL9000 has married a character from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus named Nene Anegasaki. Continue reading

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