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“FANTASY” | Keywords for Video Game Studies GIG Session, Jan. 24, 1:30 PM, CMU 202

The Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group’s (GIG) first event of the Winter Quarter is on Thursday, January 24, 1:30-3:30 PM, in Communication 202.  This is our third public reading and discussion group of the year, co-presented with … Continue reading

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Less TALK; More ROCK!

Superbrothers, who have been getting some attention for their up-coming iPhone game Sword & Scorcery, posted a special feature on Boing Boing section that has the unintended ring of a manifesto for artful use of video gaming as a medium. … Continue reading

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Free Book!

Well-Played 1.0 is a collection of 22 essays, each a close reading of ONE video game. Even as game studies grows, single-title criticism, which has a long tradition in literary studies, is pretty uncommon. Generally people write on “games” or “gaming”, individual games being not significant enough to warrant sustained attention. This is starting to change; World of Warcraft seems like it is taking on its own ecology of criticism, for example. But, single-title criticism is important because it confers a degree of legitimacy to both the media and the scholarship. Continue reading

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