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Feeding Teams

The Washington State Community Feeding Teams provide an interdisciplinary approach to address feeding/nutrition concerns for children with special health care needs in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner. They work directly with families to help parents/caregivers resolve important issues related to feeding and nutrition. The team approach can benefit a family by avoiding duplication of services and allow all issues of food and feeding to be addressed by one team with identification of subsequent services/therapies needed.

In Washington State, feeding teams have been formed as either interagency or intra-agency groups. Agencies that have been involved include local health departments, developmental centers, schools and education service districts, hospitals and others, depending on the community resources.
Professionals that may be members of feeding teams include:

  • registered dietitians (RDs)
  • occupational therapists
  • speech therapists
  • physical therapists
  • public health nurses
  • school nurses
  • physicians
  • social workers
  • educators and behavior therapists 

Each year these teams meet for a one-day continuing education program. The training content is determined by a survey of the teams. Time is set aside for sharing team issues and networking with other teams.

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