Project Name: APT – Alcohol and PTSD Treatment
Principal Investigator: Debra Kaysen, PhD
Grant Title: Sequence of Symptom Change During AUD or PTSD Treatment for Comorbid PTSD/AUD
Sponsor: National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
Project Period: 2/1/12-1/31/17
Grant Number: R01AA020252
Project Coordinator: Sruti Desai
Project Website: http://www.aptstudy.org


The broad, long-term objective of the current research is to improve treatment outcomes for individuals with comorbid PTSD and alcohol abuse and dependence (AUD). Prior research has established that PTSD and AUD are frequently comorbid. Although combined treatments have been developed, they are complex and lengthy with mixed results as to their efficacy. Excellent treatments exist for PTSD or AUD alone, however, it has not been adequately addressed to what extent these treatments are effective in treating comorbid symptom presentations. To address this research gap, we will evaluate two widely accepted treatments for each respective disorder; Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) an effective PTSD treatment and Relapse Prevention (RP), a widely used effective AUD treatment. The purpose of the present application is to evaluate changes in both PTSD symptoms and alcohol use and cravings associated with CPT or RP treatment in individuals with PTSD/AUD, along with mediators and moderators of outcomes. This research uses innovative methodologies to explore the extent to which a standard PTSD or substance use therapy can be used to treat comorbid PTSD and alcohol abuse/dependence. Research findings should help us understand more about mechanisms of change during PTSD and substance use treatment. It is also hoped that the results will offer new treatment options for those with comorbid conditions, will help us improve existing treatments, and increase our ability to determine who may best respond to a specific treatment approach.

For more information contact Project APT coordinator Sruti Desai at (206) 543-0584 or go to the study website at http://www.aptstudy.org