Project Name: DART
Principal Investigator: Dana Litt, Ph.D.
Grant Title: Developing a Dual-Process Intervention for Alcohol Use among Young Adults
Sponsor: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Project Period: 2/1/12-1/31/17
Grant Number: R00AA020869
Project Coordinator: Judy Anderson and Alex Swanson

The long-term goal of this line of research is to develop theoretically sound dual-processing alcohol interventions for young adults. Specific aims of this research will be accomplished in two studies. Study 1 consists of a longitudinal study designed to evaluate the Prototype Willingness model, when applied to alcohol use. Study 2 will employ an experimental design to determine whether interventions based on the full Prototype Willingness model and each active component (reasoned pathway and social pathway) are efficacious at reducing alcohol use in a young adult sample, ages 18-20 relative to an assessment only control, determine if college student status (currently enrolled or not) and drinking behavior (light versus heavy) moderates the efficacy of reasoned versus social interventions, and to determine theoretical mechanisms underlying the social, reasoned, and integrated intervention efficacy.