Project Name: ESP – Event-Specific Prevention
Principal Investigator: Christine Lee, PhD
Grant Title: Event Specific Prevention (ESP)
Sponsor: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Project Period: 7/5/2007 – 6/30/2012
Grant Number: R01AA016099
Project Coordinator: Angela Mittmann

To give you some context, past research has shown that college students tend to drink the most and experience the most extreme consequences (e.g., alcohol poisoning, sexual assault) during specific events that are deemed celebratory occasions where the typical drinking patterns or personal limits regarding alcohol don’t seem to apply. ESP is in the second stage of a 5 year federally funded project and is designed to examine the effectiveness of a web-based vs. in-person motivational intervention designed to help college students stay safe while celebrating their 21st birthdays and going on spring break trips (2 specific events that have been associated with extreme drinking). In addition, we are also recruiting friends that students plan to celebrate with during these events to be involved in the study to help make sure that the participant stays safe while celebrating/vacationing.

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