Project Name: iCHAMP
Principal Investigator: Christine Lee, PhD
Grant Title: Indicated Marijuana Prevention for Frequently Using College Students
Sponsor: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project Period:6/1/09 – 5/31/12
Grant Number: R21DA025833
Project Coordinator: Theresa Walter

This application proposed to evaluate an indicated prevention interventions among college students at risk for experiencing marijuana-related negative consequences (i.e., frequent users). The proposed research follows an R21 study which suggests the continued need for examination of personalized feedback as an active component in interventions aimed at reducing marijuana use.

Lee, C.M., Kilmer, J. R., Neighbors, C., Atkins, D. C., Zheng, C., Walker, D. D., & Larimer, M. E. (in press). Indicated Prevention for College Student Marijuana Use: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.