Isaac Rhew

Isaac Rhew, Ph.D., MPH | CV
Research Assistant Professor
1100 NE 45th St, Suite 300, Office 317
Box 354944, Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 221-1897

Dr. Rhew is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology. He completed his doctoral training in epidemiology at the University of Washington in 2009 with a particular emphasis on psychiatric and social epidemiology. Many of his current research interests revolve around the application of epidemiologic and applied statistical methods to the study of alcohol and drug use disorders, mood disorders, and their co-occurrence. He is also interested in understanding how area-level factors contribute to mental health and substance use problems.

Select Publications:
Zheng C, Atkins DC, Zhou XA, Rhew IC. Causal Models for Mediation Analysis: An Introduction to Structural Mean Models. Multivariate Behavioral Research. 2015; 50:614-631

Guttmannova K, Lee CM, Kilmer J, Fleming C, Rhew IC, Kosterman R, Larimer M. Impacts of changing marijuana policy on alcohol and other drug use in the United States. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 2016; 40(1): 33-46.

Rhew IC, Hawkins JD, Murray DM, Fagan AA, Oesterle S, Abbott RD, Catalano RF. Evaluation of community-level effects of Communities That Care on adolescent drug use and delinquency using a repeated cross-sectional design. Prevention Science. In press.

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McCarty CA, Rhew IC, Murowchick E, Vander Stoep A, McCauley E. (2012). Emotional Health Predictors of Substance Use Initiation during Middle School. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 26(2),

Vander Stoep A, Adrian M, Rhew IC, McCauley E, Herting J, Kraemer HC. (2012). Identifying comorbid depression and conduct disorders: A comparison of two approaches used in adolescent research. Journal of Psychiatry Research, 46(7), 873-881.

Vine M, Vander Stoep A, Bell J, Rhew IC, Gudmundsen G, McCauley E. (2012). Associations between household and neighborhood income and anxiety symptoms in young adolescents. Depression and Anxiety, 29(9), 824-832

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Monahan KC, Rhew IC, Hawkins JD, Brown EC. (In press). Adolescent Pathways to Co-Occurring Problem Behavior: The Effects of Peer Delinquency and Peer Substance Use. Journal for Research on Adolescence.

Current Research Projects:
Neighborhood and genetic influences on alcohol misuse in a sample of twins.

Marijuana use and disorders from adolescence into young adulthood: Examining descriptive epidemiology and mental health risk factors in a community-based cohort