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Project Name: Project Motive
Principal Investigator:Edward Gottheil, Ph.D.
Grant Title:Alcohol and Gambling Types: Motivation and Cue Reactivity
Sponsor:Harvard University, Cambridge Health Alliance
Project Period:7/1/06-12/31/08
Project Coordinator: Shayna Israel

Although gambling has joined drinking as significant problems on college campuses, little research has been devoted to examining (a) the degree of overlap and distinction between problem gambling and alcohol use in this population or (b) whether problem gambling is homogenous or whether it would be more useful to classify and study by subtype of gambling (e.g., machine, cards, sports betting). The purpose of the proposed research then was to examine domain specificity of problem gambling in two ways: 1) similarities and differences among three types of gambling activities and 2) similarities and differences between gambling and alcohol use.