Project Name: Project Transitions
Principal Investigator: Christine Lee, PhD
Grant Title: Developmental Models of High-Risk Alcohol Use & Social Roles in Young Adulthood
Sponsor: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Project Period: 2/15/2014 – 1/31/2019
Grant Number: 1R01AA022087
Project Coordinator: Devon Abdallah
Project Website:
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Alcohol use reaches its peak for most individuals during young adulthood, and use at this time is associated with many acute negative consequences and potential longer-term effects. This project will provide new and needed knowledge that will help us to understand the major and minor social role transitions of young adulthood and their perceived characteristics, and impact on immediate and long-term changes in alcohol use and consequences. The proposed application fits within NIAAA’s strategic plan and has significant implications for public health, including identifying when to intervene (e.g., before or after certain transitions/life changes), what mechanisms to target (e.g., drinking motives, stress), and who to target.