Project Name: Special Programs to Address the Needs of Survivors
Principal Investigator(s): Judy Bass (DRC) & Paul Bolton (Iraq)
UW Subcontract PI: Debra Kaysen, PhD
Grant Title: Improving Effectiveness of Treatment for Torture Survivors
Sponsor: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Project Period: 10/01/2008 – 01/31/2013

The program goals are to (1) improve specific programs funded by the Victims of Torture Program; (2) transfer capacity to VTF partners to use the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (DIME) process; (3) enhance the field of torture and trauma treatment by expanding knowledge on the needs of torture and trauma-affected populations. As part of this project we will be adapting Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD for torture survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in South, Central, and Northern Iraq.

Related Publications:
Kaysen, D., Lindgren, K., Sabir Zangana, G.A., Murray, L., Bass, J., & Bolton, P. (2013). Adaptation of cognitive processing therapy for treatment of torture victims: Experience in Kurdistan, Iraq. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy, 5(2), 184-192.