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Ann Collier, MD

  • Professor of Medicine, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Director, Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Unit
  • University of Washington
  • Associate Director, Center for AIDS Research
    University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Collier's ongoing clinical research interests include antiretroviral therapy, HIV reservoirs and cure, natural and treated history of primary HIV infection, and the effects of antiretroviral therapy on neurological aspects of HIV infection.

Her ongoing studies include collaborative projects to investigate the pathogenesis of acute HIV infection, second and third line antiretroviral treatment in resource-limited settings, observational studies to characterize selected long-term outcomes of treated HIV infection, and a variety of pilot studies of antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents.

Dr. Collier's ongoing collaborations include local projects with Drs. Joanne Stekler, James Mullins, Christina Marra, Sarah Holte, and Robert Coombs as well as collaborations with other U.S.-based and international colleagues.

Sample projects that trainees might become involved with include impact of treatment of acute and early HIV infection on latently infected cells, second and third line antiretroviral treatment in resource-limited settings, transition of care from research to clinical care settings, and barriers for clinical trials in resource-limited settings

Selected Publications


Smith KY, Tierney C, Mollan K, Venuto CS, Budhathoki C, Ma Q, Morse GD, Sax P, Katzenstein D, Godfrey C, Fischl M, Daar ES, Collier AC and the ACTG 5202 Team. Outcomes by sex following treatment initiation with atazanavir plus ritonavir or efavirenz with abacavir/lamivudine or tenofovir/emtricitabine. Clin Infect Dis 2014;58(4):555-63]. PMID:24253247
PubMed Abstract

Stekler JD, McKernan J, Milne R, Tapia KA, Mykhalchenko K, Holte S, Maenza J, Stevens CE, Buskin SE, Mullins JI, Frenkel LM, Collier AC. Lack of resistance to integrase inhibitors among antiretroviral-naïve subjects with primary HIV-1 infection, 2007-2013. Antiviral Therapy 2014, In Press.

Smurzynski M, Wu K, Schouten JT, Lok JJ, Bosch RJ, Taiwo B, Johnson VA, Collier AC. Factors associated with remaining on initial randomized efavirenz-containing regimens. AIDS 2013 Jul 31;27(12):1887-97. PMID:239254173
PubMed Abstract

Marra CM, Deutsch R, Collier AC, et al for the CHARTER Study Group. Neurocognitive impairment in HIV-infected individuals with previous syphilis. Intern J STDs AIDS. 2013; in press.

Andrade AS, Deutsch R, Celano S, Duarte NA, Marcotte TD, Umlauf A, Atkinson JH, McCutchan JA, Franklin D, Alexander TJ, McArthur J, Marra C, Grant I, Collier AC. Relationships among neurocognitive status, medication adherence measured by pharmacy refill records, and virologic suppression in HIV-infected persons. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2013; 62(3): 282-92. PMID: 23202813
PubMed Abstract

Lorenzana SB, Hughes MD, Grinsztejn B, Collier AC, et al. Genotype assays and third-line ART in resource-limited settings: a simulation and cost-effectiveness analysis of a planned clinical trial. AIDS. 2012; 26(9): 1083-93. PMCID: PMC23424271
PubMed Abstract

Tassiopoulos K, Landay A, Collier AC, et al. CD28-negative CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in antiretroviral therapy-naive HIV-infected adults enrolled in Adult Clinical Trials Group Studies. J Infect Dis. 2012; 205(11): 1730-8. PMCID: PMC3415854.
PubMed Abstract

Kirby BJ, Collier AC, Kharasch ED, Whittington D, Thummel KE, Unadkat JD. Complex drug interactions of the HIV protease inhibitors 3: effect of simultaneous or staggered dosing of digoxin and ritonavir, nelfinavir, rifampin or bupropion. Drug Metab Dispos. 2012; 40(3): 610-6. PMCID: PMC3286266
PubMed Abstract

Stekler JD, Wellman R, Holte S, Maenza J, Stevens CE, Corey L, Collier AC. Are there benefits to starting antiretroviral therapy during primary HIV infection? Conclusions from the Seattle Primary Infection Cohort vary by control group. Int J STD AIDS. 2012; 23(3): 201-6. PMCID: PMC3410712
PubMed Abstract

Daar ES, Tierney C, Fischl MA, Sax PE , Mollan K, Budhathoki C, Godfrey C , Jahed N, Myers L, Katzenstein D, Farajallah A, Rooney JF., Pappa KA, Woodward WC, Patterson K, Bolivar H, Benson CA, Collier AC for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5202 Team. Atazanavir plus ritonavir or efavirenz as part of a three drug regimen for initial treatment of HIV-1: A randomized trial. Ann Intern Med. 2011; 154(7): 445-56.
PubMed Abstract

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