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Fellowships - Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits Information for ID Fellows:

Clinical training period (Year 1):

ID trainees are paid at standard UW Graduate Medical Education Stipend Schedule rates for residents/fellows and have fringe benefits including participation in the UW Retirement Plan (UWRP). 

For current rates contact the Infectious Diseases Program Administrator, Alison Wald (

Research training period (Year 2 and beyond):

Most trainees spend one or more years in predominantly research training, and are typically funded by NIH training grants.  These trainees have maximum flexibility in choosing a mentor and research project because they are not limited to mentors with  funding for postdoctoral fellow stipends. Trainees funded by NIH Training Grants (see NIH TG Stipend Schedule) typically receive less pay during the research period, and their benefits are also affected by the change in job class code (not eligible to participate in the UW retirement plan, vacation and sick leave are administered differently). Further, taxation rules vary (i.e., Training Grant Funded trainees are generally exempt from FICA). To address this dip in salary during research years some of our ID Fellows consider outside work beyond their fellowship research and clinical training (“moonlighting”), which is allowable with prior approval.   

If you have other questions about salary and benefits information, please contact:

  • David Fredricks (
    Infectious Diseases Program Director

  • Alison Wald(
    Infectious Diseases Program Administrator