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Diversity and Training in Infectious Diseases



At the University of Washington, diversity is integral to excellence. We value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments, and promote access, opportunity and justice for all. We value diversity as a core component of our mission to promote excellence in training, scholarship, and clinical care in Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the University of Washington. We strive to promote an atmosphere that fosters diversity due to its intrinsic importance and the benefits that it brings to individuals, institutions, and society. Our vision of promoting diversity includes providing opportunities and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for underrepresented and/or disadvantaged groups and individuals.

Clinical and Research Experiences in Infectious Diseases


The Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, with partnership from its affiliated Programs, provides opportunities for training as a core component of its mission. Training opportunities vary by career stage and are described below. For more information on training opportunities in AID, please contact Ellen French. Faculty members are available to meet with interested individuals and discuss what a career in Allergy and Infectious Diseases entails including details about opportunities for clinical and research experiences at UW and its training partnership institutions such as Fred Hutch.

Scholars Programs for Medical Students & Residents from Historically Underrepresented Backgrounds
Opportunities for funding for stipends for clinical and research work for individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the medical profession are available through the Department of Medicine Visiting Scholars Program and the Infectious Diseases Scholars Program.  See below for more details on these two programs.

Clinical Training Opportunities

Our Division Faculty see patients with infectious diseases clinical problems across the spectrum of illness, providing the opportunity to experience both the breadth and quality of clinical care. Outpatient clinics at Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Children's Hospital and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (an alliance between UW Medicine, Fred Hutch and Seattle Children's Hospital) serve patients from the region and across the country as well as from around the world. The Infectious Diseases inpatient consult teams at each of these hospitals provide critical specialty services to patients with more acute and potentially life-threatening diseases and develop standard practice and other clinical care guidelines in infection control. Students are welcomed as part of the team and are provided with many learning opportunities at the bedside, in the team room and during clinical conferences.

Clinical rotations can be paired with research blocks that allow sufficient time to work on projects. Schedules will be tailored based on the individual's goals at the time of arrival. Opportunities are available for Medical Students and Residents.

Medical Students: Third and Fourth Year Clinical Rotation (UW and Visiting Students)

A 4 week clinical elective with the Infectious Diseases Inpatient consult service is available for both UW and visiting students. Two clinical electives are offered. One with the General Infectious Diseases Consult service and another with HIV Training with a mixture of outpatient and inpatient experience. Faculty from the Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are the Attendings on these teams which include an Infectious Diseases Senior Fellow and often an Internal Medicine Resident. For medical student clinical training, visiting students apply through the Department of Medicine’s Visiting Scholars Program which is a funded program that provides clinical training opportunities for 3rd and 4th year medical students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the medical profession. For medical student clinical training, visiting students apply through the Department of Medicine's Visiting Scholars Program which is a funded program that provides clinical training opportunities for 3rd and 4th year medical students. For more information, see

Internal Medicine Residents (UW & Visiting Residents). The same clinical elective is available for Residents. For visiting residents interested in research or clinical training, the Infectious Diseases Scholars Program is available for funding a stipend for living expenses. Please contact Ellen French and see below for more information.

Research Training Opportunities

With over 90 full time faculty members, including affiliate faculty from the Alliance institutions, we offer a wide range of opportunities for mentoring and gaining research skills. Research areas of interest include basic science, epidemiology, and clinical trials with permutations and combinations of all three areas. Recognizing that trainees often need salary support for their living expenses, we list below several grant or scholarship mechanisms that are available for these types of training experiences. Trainees are encouraged to contact us to match their area of interest and explore possible arrangements for projects.

Medical Students

There are several opportunities available depending on the stage of training, whether the experience is research or clinically oriented, and whether students are from UW or outside UW.

First Year Summer Research Rotation

A. MSRTP (UW only): First year medical students are eligible to apply for the Medical Student Research Training Program (MSRTP). The Medical Student Research Training Program (MSRTP) provides funded opportunities for students at the UW School of Medicine to participate in a full-time, 10-week summer research project under the supervision of a full-time UW / WWAMI faculty member. This program provides a stipend for UW medical students to perform a 10 week research project during the summer after their first year. Applications are submitted in the fall of first year. For more information, see

B. IDSA Medical Scholars Program (UW and Visiting Students): The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) sponsors the Medical Scholars Program "to promote the subspecialty of infectious diseases by attracting the best and brightest medical students to the field. To further this goal, the IDSA Education and Research Foundation offers scholarships to medical students in U.S. and Canadian medical schools with mentorship by an IDSA member or fellow." A stipend of $2000 is provided. For more information, see Interested applicants can develop a project with a faculty member in the AID Division and submit an application (deadlines have previously been in February).

Internal Medicine Residents

Research Rotation (UW Residents)
The UW Internal Medicine residency program provides research opportunities for some Residents during their 2nd and 3rd years. Residents identify a faculty member, develop a project, and submit an application around January of the academic year prior to starting the project.

Research Rotation (Visiting Residents)
Research rotations (4-8 weeks) with ID Faculty are available and include possible funding for living expenses available through the Infectious Diseases Scholars Program (see below for details).


Opportunities are available for research projects. We are not aware of specific UW programs to fund stipends for living expenses for Undergraduates.

Medical Students and Residents

Infectious Diseases Scholars Program: 
We have an Infectious Diseases Scholars program that provides a stipend for travel and living expenses for a 1-2 month research or clinical elective experience that is specifically designed for work in Infectious Diseases. The Infectious Diseases Scholars Program seeks to promote diversity and inclusion by providing scholarships to qualified medical students or residents from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the medical profession.   One to two of the positions will be available for clinical research opportunities with faculty mentors who work with immunocompromised patients at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

For residents interested in research or clinical training or medical students interested in a research elective, see enclosed application for more details or contact Ellen French for more information on how to apply.

Applications are welcome throughout the year and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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