Adolescent Brains VIDEO from PBS, featuring Dr. Jay Giedd of NIMH
Anatomy and nerves (cranium and neck)
Anxiety/Mental Health Management for pediatricians {Scroll to bottom}; AAP module for residents (2014)
Assessing Infant Dev't - 0 to 18 months
Assessing Infant Physical Development - 0 to 15 months (Pathways Awareness Foundation)
AUCD Webinars/Videos Presentations on multiple topics (brain, development, advocacy)
Autism 200-series Seattle Children's Autism Center presentation series
Autism Case Training: A Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Curriculum A C.D.C. program for pediatric residents.
Autism Internet Modules & Videos 60 video and other modules from OCALI on identification, management & transition
Autism Science Foundation "Day of Learning: Video TED-Talk style 15-minute distillations of critical issues in autism & mental health. (2015)
Autism "Video Glossary" Step-by-step & narrated; from Autism Speaks
Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project 4-part NPR program (4 hours)
Beyond Milestones: Video [Password = cunningham] Child dev't @ critical stages (article) Sydney Children's Hosp.
Bioethics Case-based trainings from Treuman Katz Ctr - See "Instructor's Guides" for "answers"
Bipolar Disorder
Bright Futures From Pediatrics in Practice
Case-based learning Audio-recordings Led by CHADIS creators Barbara Howard and Ray Sturner
Child Muscle Weakness (from the CDC)Videos of early childhood neuromuscular disorders
Child Psychiatry BLOG ("Psycritic") Admittedly, a blog. But provides thoughts on contemporary Child Psychiatry and raises awareness of its controversies.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Online Continuing Education Series (NCCAM)
Complementary and Alternative Medicine - "The New Medicine" (PBS series - 8 snippets)
Cross-cultural healthcare: Case studies From the MCHB
Cultural Competency: A Physician's Practical Guide U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services CME activity
Developmental Milestones VIDEOS birth-to-5 years, 4 domains. Thru "CLIPP" (Emily Myers, MD)
Developmental Stages Table Compares Freud, Erikson, Piaget & Kohlberg
DynaMed Plus Point-of-care quick access to current, synthesized evidence on conditions
Early Childhood Brain Development AAP modules (scroll to bottom); Requires AAP username & Password;
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Facial Photography & Measurement Multi-media U.W. "how to" program for clinicians
Growth Measurement Tutorials
Learning Disabilities & ADHD From Misunderstood Minds, provides mock simulations, so you experience firsthand having ADHD or LD
LEND Training Modules Modules to learn about Audiology; Nutrition; Occupational Tx; Physical Tx; Social Work; Speech/Language
Mental Health Initiatives Videos AAP brief videos for general pediatricians to teach clinical skills in working w/parents on childhood emotional & behavior difficulties (Critique of this program)
MIND Institute - Distinguised Lecturer Series Videos Several 1-hour presentations on developmental & behavioral topics by highly influential speakers
Motivational Interviewing in DBP Videos AAP Mental Health Initiative; ADHD, depression, aggression, social/emotional problems & others
Motor Development Videos: 2- , 4- and 6-month-old infants, showing typical & delayed (from
Neuro Exam Videos: Birth-to-30 months (normal & abnormal) Video clips (PediNeuroLogic)
Neuro Exam Videos: General Interactive guide to the neuro exam. Hal Blumenfeld, MD, PhD
Neuro Exam: Pearls How to Think Like a Neurologist (brief primer by Kutscher)
Neurology - Child Neurology Case Studies Free and interactive, from Child Neurology Society.
Neurology - Interactive Case-based multimedia program with Q&A, and images
Newborn Care & Video Gallery of Newborn Neurodevelopmental and Other Exam Findings Stanford training modules
Nutrition for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Nutrition Notes - Pediatric (Algorithm and guide for medical students)
OAE explained (DPOAE v TEOAE) The Hearing Review
Oral Health Risk Assessment: Training for Pediatricians Thru the AAP. Free CME.
Pedicases (varied - for best results, find faculty facilitator)
Puberty: abnormal growth and dev't (includes case-based quizzes and explanations)
Puberty: normal growth and development case-based discussions
Reading: Children of the Code Project of video interviews of world-renowned experts on reading & current crisis
Section 504 A 7-part training module
Sexuality and Gender AAMC video modules on talking with children & adolescents (2016)
Surveillance and Screening of behavior and development: selecting your instrument(s)
Teaching Students w/Severe Emotional & Behavioral Disorders [2005 - Seattle University]
Tourette Syndrome
Transitions (e.g. work, college, other): various online videos
Transitions - Adolescent Health Care Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds U. Cincinnati (Aug 2007)
Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy [TF-CBT] Interactive training module from MUSC for mental health professionals (including DBP MD's) (Critique of this program)
Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns CDC 1-hour "course" with 4 modules & videos
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