Neural Tube Defects/Spina Bifida/Myelomeningocele

Clinic templates

Baclofen Rx instructions January 2009 U.W. version
Billing Guidelines
Chiari II malformations - checklist early warning signs
Depression-screening tools CDI (Child Depression Inventory - Brief)
Dysmorphology Training Manual ATN
Ear Measurement Chart from Smith's
Enuresis - Alarm Instructions Adapted from Barton Schmitt
Head Circumference: Male Infancy thru Adults
MRI "for Dummies" PowerPoint (2013) by Emily Myers w/basics on T1 vs. T2
Myelomeningocele Guidelines 2010 version
Myelomeningocele Dermatomes Graph
Myelomeningocele - Level of lesion and impacts From Spina Bifida Association
Myelomeningocele Sensory and Motor Levels
Myelomeningocele - Table of Lesion Levels & Their Functional Implications
Psychopharmacology database Zinner's database
Psychopharmacology - ADHD care guide: prescribing & monitoring Bob Hilt (2014)
Psychopharmacology - ADHD med comparison chart (duration, etc.) Berman (2012)
Psychopharmacology - ADHD presentation (PREP)
Psychopharmacology - Dosing Guidelines: ADHD Varley, in AAP DBP (2011)
Psychopharmacology - Dosing Guidelines: Benzos, SSRIs, Atypicals Varley, in AAP DBP (2011)
Psychopharmacology - Monitoring Guidelines: Atypicals - LABS Varley, in AAP DBP (2011)
Sacral Dimple Guidelines
Sacral Dimple Guidelines / Occult Spina Bifida Emily Myers' Algorithm (2013)
Sacral Dimple Guidelines Emily's lit. summary w/conclusions & table (skin-neuro findings) 2013
Sleep Log Yemi Kifle, MD
Spasticity Rx in ex-premie Chuck's advice
Tethered Cord Guidelines
Tic Medication Option: Ecopipam (DA1) 2012 study press release
Tic Medication Options 2 graphs: American (2010) & European (2011)
Tic Medication Options Table from McNaught & Mink (2011)
Tic Medication Options Table from Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry (2011)
Tic Medication Options Pharmacology of TS - pithy up-to-date overview by Cavanna (2013)
Tic (+/- OCD/ADHD) Medication Algorithm Jankovic & Kurlan (2011)
Tic-screening tools YGTSS, PTQ & PUTS
Tourette Parent Advice Seeking 2nd opinion
Vitamin D Insufficiency & Deficiency Guidelines Jeff McLaughlin, MD (2009)

Screening Tools
AIMS Record Book
ASQ 2 19 questionnaires (4-to-60 months)

CAT-CLAMS Scoring Sheet
CDI Booklet (0-to-6.5 years)
CDI Scoring
CDI Manual
Child Devt Inventory (0-to-21 mo & 0-to-5 years)
CYBOCS (even pages)
CYBOCS (odd pages)
Denver Developmental Screening Test - II 0 - 6 years
Einstein KG & 1st
Einstein 2nd
Einstein 3rd & 4th
Einstein 4th & 5th
Goodenough-Harris & Gesell Figures
Growth Chart: Boys & Girls OFC (0 to 18 years)
Growth Chart: Boys Length & Weight (0 to 3 years)
Growth Chart: Boys OFC (0 to 3 years)
Growth Chart: Boys Height & Weight (2 - 20 years)
Growth Chart: Boys BMI (2 - 20 years)
Growth Chart: Girls Length & Weight (0 to 3 years)
Growth Chart: Girls OFC (0 to 3 years)
Growth Chart: Girls Height & Weight (2 - 20 years)
Growth Chart: Girls BMI (2 - 20 years)
PEERAMID-2 Record Form
PEERAMID-2 Response Book
PEERAMID-2 Stimulus Book
PEEX-2 Record Form
PEEX-2 Response Book
PEEX-2 Stimulus Book
Psychometric Test Score Guide 2012, by Andy Adesman, MD - North Shore LIJ
STAI Manual
STAIC Manual
STAT: Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children (24 - 36 months)
STAT-MD PowerPoint presentation (Humberd & Warren, Vanderbilt, 2011)

PowerPoint Presentations
ADHD Presentations MGH (March 2013)
ADHD Comorbidity & Effect of Rx on ADHD Chris Varley PowerPoint (2010)
ADHD Medication Management Andrew Adesman PowerPoint (2013)
NACD CAM Sham case (March 2012)
Tourette Syndrome Sacramento - Northern Calif/Hawai'i TSA - July 26, 2014
Tourette Syndrome Einstein - May 6, 2014
Tourette Syndrome Generic (all slides) - May 2013
Tourette Syndrome (Physician Audience: Hilton Head, Parts 1 & 2; May 2013) = 35 minutes each
Tourette Syndrome (Psychiatry Grand Rounds Wayne State (Feb 13, 2013) = 45 minutes
Tourette Syndrome (Lay audience; Denver (Aug 23, 2013) = 75 minutes

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