The Dermatology Residency Program formalized a faculty-resident mentorship program in 2015. Each 1st year resident selects one or more mentors from the Dermatology faculty by the 6 month mark of their first year.  This mentor relationship is a safe place to review training, specific interests in dermatology, life outside of training, as well as career goals and career planning. Mentors often share their own career paths and challenges.

A Mentee should:
Be proactive
Develop short and long-term goals
Consider multiple mentors
Be available and responsive
Follow through on commitments
Show gratitude and appreciation

A mentor’s role is to:
Guide and support
Focus on professional and personal development
Listen to mentee’s expressed needs
Share knowledge, skills, resources
Celebrate successes
Encourage life outside work
A successful mentor will support by listening, providing feedback, advocating and sharing; challenge by setting tasks, establishing high standards and providing a mirror; and will create a vision for the mentees successful career.

One of the most important gifts a mentor can provide a mentee is time.

Various tools and resources available to mentorship include:

What is Mentoring?
Mentorship first meeting checklist
Mentoring Journal
Resident Mentee IDP


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