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Be Here is a social, multi-device experience that makes it fun for people to talk to each other and encourages them to stay focused on in-person interaction rather than on their mobile devices. While social networking provides constant communication and connectivity with friends, it also creates a lack of satisfying in-person connections. The rise in popularity of events such as dinners where all guests must stack their phones in the center of the table make evident the desire for uninterrupted, quality in-person interactions.

Be Here encourages interesting and in-depth conversation among friends by providing a themed set of hypothetical questions based on common interests to consider. By playing at these unusual situations, players gain insight into themselves and their friends.

Kelly Graham

Hiatus Chair

Hiatus is a concept chair designed to solve the common problem of sitting too long and too frequently without standing up. Sitting too long without a standing or walking break can be very hazardous to your long-term health, and is linked to repetitive stress injuries and substantial increased risk of obesity, poor circulation, etc. Made with an Arduino Uno, custom components, and some second-hand hardware, Hiatus converts an average office chair into a gentle reminder that it’s time to get up. Every 20 minutes, Hiatus gives its occupant a nudge that they’ve sat long enough, and becomes more forceful (and harder to ignore) if needed.

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Turnout is a data-driven mobile application for people to organize, discover, and join activities happening around them. Turnout visually represents crowds using passive location tracking data, but only for groups of people rather than individual users. By giving users a platform to see all the events around them, they get real-time, relevant information, allowing them to get out in the environment quick and easily. Having the power to see crowds, leave comments, and check in to events without tying any of your personal information to the application allows users to get involved and use the app comfortably without fear of privacy invasion.

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