Kenneth E. Thummel


UW Health Sciences Center



Research Interest: Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Suchy-Dicey, AM; Laha, T; Hoofnagle, A; Newitt, R; Sirich, TL; Meyer, TW; Thummel, KE; Yanez, ND; Himmelfarb, J; ... Kestenbaum, BR Tubular Secretion in CKD J Am Soc Nephrol 27 7: 2148-55; 2016 PMC4926962

Yamaura, Y; Chapron, BD; Wang, Z; Himmelfarb, J; Thummel, KE ; Functional Comparison of Human Colonic Carcinoma Cell Lines and Primary Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells for Investigations of Intestinal Drug Permeability and First-Pass Metabolism Drug Metab Dispos 44 3: 329-35; 2016 PMC4767385

de Boer, IH; Sachs, MC; Chonchol, M; Himmelfarb, J; Hoofnagle, AN; Ix, JH; Kremsdorf, RA; Lin, YS; Mehrotra, R; ... Kestenbaum, B Estimated GFR and circulating 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 concentration: a participant-level analysis of 5 cohort studies and clinical trials Am J Kidney Dis 64 2: 187-97; 2014 PMC4111986

Kelly, EJ; Wang, Z; Voellinger, JL; Yeung, CK; Shen, DD; Thummel, KE; Zheng, Y; Ligresti, G; Eaton, DL; ... Himmelfarb, J Innovations in preclinical biology: ex vivo engineering of a human kidney tissue microperfusion system Stem Cell Res Ther 4 Suppl 1 S17; 2013 PMC4029535