The Kinkade Language and Culture Foundation (KLF) and the Jacobs Research Funds (JRF) are sister organizations that fund linguistic and anthropological research on aboriginal peoples of North and South America. The KLF prioritizes projects that focus on peoples of the Pacific Northwest (PNW), that produce new data, or that, in the Board's judgement, would have been high priority for Dale Kinkade. Of lower priority are projects on American peoples outside the PNW, or that only analyze or present previously gathered data.

The JRF accepts proposals on behalf of both organizations, after which the KLF funds approved Canadian projects in Canadian dollars, and the JRF funds all others in US dollars. The annual deadline for proposals is February 15, after which projects are approved or rejected, usually by May 1. The KLF and JRF are based in British Columbia and Washington state, respectively.

Please see the Jacobs Research Funds website for further information, including application forms and guidelines.