Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
at the University of Washington

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) need new minds for the new millennium. These growing and changing STEM fields require people whose talents and interests emerge from diverse backgrounds. People who can innovate. People who can think outside of the box. People who can devise solutions to problems we haven't yet imagined. Are you one of these people? Do you know a student who is?

Picture of woman in chemistry lab UWSTEM provides opportunities for students to engage successfully in studies that lead to careers in these challenging and rewarding fields. We want to introduce students to the world of exploration and discovery. We want to hear from students who can contribute to shaping a better society for all of our communities. UWSTEM provides many kinds of assistance for all students, including women, racial and ethnic minority students, and students with disabilities.

This program helps students transition from high schools and community colleges to the UW and directs students and prospective students to the wide variety of special programs offered at the University. Many are listed on the Diversity Web site.

UWSTEM is a collaboration between the following Colleges at the University of Washington:

Diversity is essential to the UW's educational excellence and to the
health and well-being of our society. All students get a better
education in a setting with people who are not just like
themselves. UWSTEM has been carefully designed and is staffed by
dedicated individuals who are committed to helping students set and
achieve their goals.
Richard L. McCormick
President, University of Washington

Excellence rooted in diversity, Diversity nurtured by excellence

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