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Department of Medicine IT

Other Email Options

Any mobile device that is used to connect to a work provided email or calendar system needs to be secured with encryption and password protection, even if it is a personally owned device. For guidance on securing these devices see our Device Security page.

All UW Medicine employees are provided with basic email service with a “” (or email address which they can access via MyUW, and is supported by UW-IT. At this time the basic email service is on the Alpine system, which does not include any personal calendar functions. UW Medicine has a secondary system to augment this email system and provide a calendar for anyone with an AMC account. Some employees also use the UW Exchange as an advanced email option. The various support teams for these resources have some limited documentation on those services.

Please note that some email services provided by UW (ie. Google Apps and Windows Live) are not approved by UW Medicine for any UW Medicine workforce members regardless of the roles or responsibilities. For more information about this policy please see the following site from UW Medicine IT Security: