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Department of Medicine IT

Accounts and Passwords

The following document provides an orientation and reference sheet of the common IT accounts used at UW.
IT Support Groups Handout (PDF)

For more information about Outpost, NetID, and AMC accounts see below.

Outpost Accounts

Outpost accounts are administered by the Department of Medicine IT Services.

To change your Outpost password sign into an Outpost computer and press ctrl-alt-delete, then choose Change a Password from the security dialog. If you are working remotely you can change the password from Terminal server by choosing the Windows Security option from the start menu or by using the site below. For help with an Outpost account please contact the Help Desk by phone at 206-616-8805 during support hours or for after-hours requests by pager at 206-663-1597.

The Password Change website provides a portal for changing your Outpost password via the web when other access methods are not available. You will need to know your current Outpost password as well has your UW NetID password. If you do not know your current password, if your current password has already expired, or if you need additional assistance please contact our support team.

The website below will direct you to authenticate with your UW NetID before allowing you to change your Outpost password.

Password Change Website (for Outpost accounts)

Please note that the site above is specific to Outpost accounts.

Outpost passwords follow the recommendations from UW Medicine IT Security:

  • Passwords are required to be changed every 120 days
  • Old passwords cannot be reused from the history of your last 24 passwords
  • Password length minimum is 8 characters
  • Passwords must contain characters from at least 3 of the 4 character classes. These classes are uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols/special characters
  • Passwords cannot contain more than two consecutive characters of your first or last name or username
  • We cannot recover passwords, if a password has been lost or forgotten it must be changed
  • Accounts will lock out after 5 incorrect attempts for a period of 30 minutes

To request a new Outpost account please see our IT Services Catalog page.

NetID Accounts

UW NetID accounts are administered by UW-IT.

NetID passwords can be changed from the MyUW portal: After logging in, under the "UW NetID Computing Services" click change your password. If you do not know your UW NetID or have other issues then you can contact UW-IT at 206-221-5000.

The payroll office for a department or unit is usually who requests new NetIDs, however more information about those accounts is available on UW-IT's website for here.

AMC Accounts

AMC accounts are administered by UW Medicine IT.

AMC passwords can be changed from the MyUW portal: After logging in, under the "UW Medicine Computing Services" click change your password link. If you do not know your AMC username or have other issues then you can contact UW Medicine IT at 206-543-7012.

For accounts on the AMC domain you can request accounts on the web via

Password Safety

Don’t leave passwords on Sticky Notes (physical or digital).

Use a unique password for each each account.

Use a password safe. This makes using unique passwords much easier and provides a secure alternative to sticky notes or password files. Access to the file is controlled by a master password, which should be exceptionally strong. Please note that cloud based password safe programs should be avoided because without the necessary legal agreements they are not approved for use by UW Medicine. Here are a couple of good recommendations that store passwords in a secure, encrypted file:

Do not share passwords. By sharing your password, you are not only allowing someone else to use your identity, you are also accepting full responsibility for any computer activity that takes place under that access. No one needs to know your password, including your supervisor, your coworkers, help desk personnel or system administrators. Technical support staff don't need your password to perform their duties. On the rare occasion they cannot solve your problem with their own access, you will be asked to log onto the computer for them. Do not share your password even if someone requests it. Sharing passwords undermines the organization's security infrastructure, expressly violates UW Medicine policy, and puts you at risk.

UW Medicine's password policy and recommendations can be found on their website: