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Department of Medicine IT

Proper Use

The following policies describe the proper use of institutional resources such as desktops, laptops, software, printers, scanners, and internet.

Any desktop and laptop computers which are purchased with UW funds are property of the UW and can ONLY be used for UW business. This includes devices purchased with UW funds that are located at home. State law prohibits personal use of computing resources and services provided by the UW for work purpose.

UW owned computers cannot be destroyed or discarded. We are required to surplus them using procedures defined by the UW. More information about the surplus process is available here.

You should be aware that law and policy relating to the use of state resources specifically prohibit faculty and staff from:

  • Using UW computers, networks, or other computing services for personal gain. For example, it would be improper to use your account to promote your outside business, to display commercial advertising, or to perform work for profit in a manner not authorized by the University.
  • Using UW resources for partisan political purposes, such as using email to circulate advertising for political candidates or to help defeat a ballot measure.

Exceptions fall into the "de-minimis" clause of the proper use policy, meaning:

  • The use is brief and infrequent
  • There is little or no cost to the institution for the use of its resources
  • The purpose is not illegal or for political purposes
  • The activity is not used for personal or financial gain, for example, for an employee’s outside business
  • The use does not interfere with your job responsibilities or with your colleagues’ job responsibilities

For more information about the proper use of UW computing resources please see the following sites from UW and UW Medicine Compliance.