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Department of Medicine IT

Remote Desktop Services

The Department of Medicine IT recommends “working in place” as much as possible. This means that when remote work is required users should remote from their personal devices to a work device. This prevents the accidental transference of confidential information to an unsecured machine, thereby helping protect you as well as the university.

Remote Access to the Terminal Server

Terminal servers are common workplaces for secure remote access to network drives, Microsoft Office, and other programs common to the campus. The Department of Medicine IT operates a common terminal server for all full access users on the Outpost domain. To access this system please follow the instructions in the appropriate linked document below.

There are also alternate terminal servers available for access to special applications such as Department Manager or legacy ERAS cycles. If you need to access one of these applications please contact the Department of Medicine IT Services for more information.

For detailed instructions on accessing the Department of Medicine Terminal Server see the following items.

Remote Access to your Office Workstation

An alternative to the terminal server is remote access to your personal office workstation. This allows you to experience your regular desktop configuration, applications, and files while working remotely. By default Outpost domain workstations do not have this functionality turned on. If you would like to remote access to your office workstation please contact the Department of Medicine IT Services.

For those that have had this configured, below are detailed instructions for accessing Outpost domain PCs. When prompted for the name of the remote computer you should enter the name of your office workstation, if you are not sure what this might be please contact the Department of Medicine IT Services and a technician would be happy to help. When prompted for credentials make sure that the username is entered as "outpost\your_username".

Please note that it is also possible to remotely access Mac OS desktops however the process is more complex, for assistance with that please contact the Department of Medicine IT Services. For remote access to AMC domain workstations please contact UW Medicine IT Services.