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Department of Medicine IT

Department of Medicine IT Services Catalog

The Department of Medicine IT Services operates as a cost center, meaning that our services are funded by the clients we support. We offer several support levels and services, depending on the needs of our clients. In addition to the support accounts and services we can also provide as needed support on an hourly basis. And while we are sponsored by the Department of Medicine, our support and services are available to anyone with a UW budget #.

Our FY19 services catalog is available as a PDF here: Department of Medicine IT Services Catalog FY19.pdf

All other services not specifically described in the listed services in this document will be charged at the current applicable time and materials rate. Specific projects can be negotiated with the Department of Medicine IT Services Management. We support all manufacturer supported Windows and Macintosh OS Workstation and Servers.

Outpost Accounts

Requesting an Outpost Account

To request new accounts please email the following information. Approval from the department, division, or admin will also be required before the creation process will proceed. Account creations can take up to 24 hours.

Employee ID #:
Location and Room Number:
Account Requester:
Account Start Date:
Account Type:
Budget #:

Accounts are pro-rated to any months they are active, so it is in the best interest of each unit to start accounts at the beginning of each month and close unnecessary accounts at the end of each.

Cancelling an Outpost Account

To request the cancellation of an Outpost account please email Accounts will be disabled on the date the request is received or at a specified future date. Disabling the account will remove all user access to Department of Medicine resources and serve as the end of billing for that account. For accounts that have email addresses ending with (or other custom domains that we support), disabled mailboxes will remain on the system for 30 days, during which an Out of Office replay can be placed on the users mailbox. After 30 days the mailbox will be archived and removed from our server at which point new emails to the original address will be returned to the sender. The 30 day duration can be extended some depending on individual needs. The status of an account is independent of employment status or the status of other accounts; an Outpost account will remain active until cancelled and the cancellation of an Outpost account will not effect AMC or NetID accounts.

For more information about these services please contact Walt Morrison or Lincoln Reedy.

Lincoln Reedy, Help Desk Manager
Phone: 206-543-6673

Walt Morrison, Director of IT Services
Phone: 206-616-4726