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Department of Medicine IT

Equipment Surplus

As of 5/23/11, a "Property Activity Request - Form 1024" is no longer be required when departments are disposing of equipment through Surplus Property's online surplus request form. Surplus Property will automatically notify the Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) when equipment items (both inventorial and non-inventorial) have been picked up. This electronic notification will serve as the official record from which EIO will remove assets from the OASIS system.

To request a surplus pickup visit the Moving and Surplus website:

NOTE: It is important to enter tag numbers individually because this form serves as the official record used by the Equipment Inventory Office to remove assets from the OASIS system. Failing to enter individual tag numbers may result in items being surplused but not removed from the OASIS system. The department will then have to report the item as lost using a Property Activity Request - Form 1024 because there will be no official record of the items’ surplus.

Please contact the Equipment Inventory Office at or 206-543-4663 with questions.

Computer Disposal Policy

Surplus Property will be responsible for appropriately purging all data from computers and electronic devices that store data prior to the device leaving the University. Surplus Property will purge data from University computers by either erasing the hard drive or physically destroying the hard drive.

Computers surplussed through the Department of Medicine IT will have the hard drives removed prior to the surplus process in order to ensure destruction of the data. Those hard drives will then be physically destroyed by specific request and not included with the original computer. If the specific computer prohibits easy removal of the hard drive we will securely wipe the hard drive.

Groups that are surplusing computers themselves without the assistance of the Department of Medicine IT can request that Surplus use the physical destruction method to purge data on some/all computers being surplussed by notating the instruction in the comments box on the online Surplus request form and affixing a label to the unit(s) with this instruction prior to pick up by or delivery to Surplus.