Ordering procedure for controlled substances


The ordering individual must be registered with the appropriate regulatory agency or agencies, i.e., Board of Pharmacy and/or Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  A current Controlled Substance Registration Certificate(s) must be faxed or mailed to Drug Services Division before an order can be filled.


Submit signed by the registrant and dated orders for Schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances on a Drug Services Controlled Substance Order form.  The order form is available on this website, under "Forms", or click here.  Each controlled substance ordered requires a separate form.  Completed forms should be faxed or mailed to Drug Services Division.  We cannot accept email or telephone orders for controlled substances. Drug Services will enter orders for controlled substances into this website for receipts, billing and archiving purposes.

  • Fax:  (206) 598-3808
  • Campus Mail:  Drug Services Division, Box 356015
  • Delivered:  UWMC Room EA-131

It is recommended to order no more than a 30 day supply.

Picking Up an Order:

Controlled substances should be picked up from Drug Services Division within 14 days of ordering.

  • A valid state drivers license is required for pick up by the registrant or its designee.
  • The registrant or its designee will be required to sign for the controlled substance order.
  • For Schedule II controlled substances a DEA 222 form signed by the registrant is required for pick-up.

Controlled Substance Storage and Use:

The registrant is responsible for the proper storage and record keeping.

  • Controlled substances must be stored in a locked cabinet with limited access.
  • A perpetual inventory must be maintained.
  • Inventory forms must conform to DEA and State regulations.  Drug Services can provide sample forms that have been approved by the Board of Pharmacy.
  • All controlled substance records must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Any unexplained/unaccounted drug losses or discrepancies discovered require notification to Drug Services, Board of Pharmacy and the DEA.

Disposal of Expired or Wasted Controlled Substances:

Drug Services is no longer authorized to accept controlled substances for disposal.

  • Expired or waste (undesired) drug must be kept secure in a locked cabinet and properly labeled for content in a separate container until disposal.
  • A perpetual log noting the waste containers contents must be completed and signed with each entry of waste.  
  • Drug Services will provide the contacts of licensed reverse distributors, to whom the waste material can be transferred to for disposal. 
  • The reverse distributor will provide a DEA 222 form for transfer of CII waste.
  • The records of transfer should be filed with the invoice records. 
  • Drug material shall not be disposed via any garbage or sewer disposal mechanisms.