August 31, 2000

From: Student Technology Fee Committee

To: Richard Karpen, Director/Professor

CARTAH, Box 353680

Subject: Student Technology Fee Committee Proposal 2000-207-1

The Committee is pleased to inform you that your proposal has been approved for the amount of $67,285. This corresponds to the requested amount, less the amount requested for the Apple cinema display. We felt that the expense of this display was not justified at this point. An additional $1000 was provided to allow for the purchase of a 21" monitor. You may apply this toward the purchase of a cinema display only if you find outside funding for the outstanding amount. We wish you success in the installation of your new equipment.

This award is conditional on the approval of your Dean or Vice President. Funds awarded may only be spent on those items specified in the proposal and approved or modified by the Committee. The Committee understands that prices change between the date the proposal was approved and the date the purchases are actually made. Should you need more funds to complete the purchases for which you were approved, please do not hesitate to contact the Committee. Similarly, any funds remaining in your budget after the goals in your proposal have been accomplished must be returned to the Committee, unless you wish to submit a supplemental proposal to make use of the remaining funds to enhance the goals for which you were approved. 9 he details of the supplemental proposal process can be found on our website at

All equipment purchased with STF funds must be identified with an STF sticker, available from the Committee. The Committee makes its awards with the expectation that the resources funded with STF money will have a useful life of at (cast three years and with significant emphasis on the accessibility of the resources. If during this period, you wish to make any changes to the location of the equipment or to the level of access of the resource, you must obtain the approval of the Committee.

As a recipient of an STF award, you are required to submit semi-annual reports on the progress of your proposal. After completing the goals of your proposal, please submit the report immediately. Otherwise, the first report is due January 31, 2001. Further funding is contingent on receipt of these reports. Information on the reports is available on the Committee The resources funded by Student Technology Fee awards may not be used for instructional purposes for more than 50% of the time the resource is available. You are expected to inform the Committee of the actual instructional usage percentage in your semi-annual report.

Please notify your Department Administrator and Dean or Vice President of this award. Administration of these funds is the responsibility of the department receiving the award. The budget office will assign a unique budget number or numbers to this project upon

request from your Dean or Vice President. Initial expenditures may be made as soon as the budget number has been established. The period for expenditure of these funds will expire on June 30, 2001, unless extended by the Committee.

If you have any questions regarding the Committee's decision, please feel free to contact the Committee at

CC: Mike Furr, Program Assistant, Box 353680