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Proposal Details

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Proposal Intro

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DXArts Capstone Digital Arts Tools

Department DXArts
Building Thomson Hall
Room/Location 9
First Application? No
Student Initiated? No
Non-core Student Access: By Appointment

The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXArts) has over the past two years created an extensive range of production, post-production, and presentation tools. This proposal will act as a capstone for these tools, and provide a complete range of tools to develope and display works for virtually any venue. The proposal will also provide a uniform set of software tools for the computers in the new million dollar lab space renovation in Raitt Hall.

Contact Information

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  • Primary Contact
      Richard Karpen
Director, DXArts/CARTAH
Mailstop: 353680

  • Dean
      Julie Stein
Divisional Dean of Computing
Mailstop: 353765

  • Budget Official
      Micheal Furr
Office Coordinator
Mailstop: 353680

  • Concurrence Contact
      Shawn Brixey
Associate Director/DXArts
Mailstop: 353680

Proposal Text

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  • Background:
    The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXArts) is a competely new program begun in 2001. It will begin offering BFA and PhD degrees starting in Fall 2004. In advance of that time the program is already teaching many courses and supporting independent projects for those students and other from across campus. This program builds on the work done at the Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities. Over the past several years DXArts/CARTAH has assembled and developed a wide range of professional production, post-production, and presentation tools that have allowed students to create award winning works in audio, video, and installation art works. This proposal has two goals. The first is to act as a capstone to our current production and presentation tools, giving students a complete range of tools for the production and presentation of world class works of digital art. The second is to prepare for our move into the remodeled Raitt Hall, and to expand on our current work in student initiated projects in audio and video.

  • Benefits:
    Thanks in part to the generosity of the Student Technology Fee, the partnership between DXArts and CARTAH is an extraordinary success. Through CARTAH, students have complete access the the full range of resources from the new DXArts program, and through DXArts, students are learning to work with and create whole new technologies for art, music, theater, and film. This proposal will give students at the University of Washington a complete range of tools that will allow them to produce and present works of art for virtualy any venue.

    The capstone items, in conjuction with existing equipment, will allow students to produce and present works that would be prohibitively expensive otherwise. The Sanyo PLC-UF10 is a 7700 Lumens video and data projector designed for large venues such as theaters. Over the years student projects have become more ambitious and more professional. This projector, in conjuction with existing audio systems, will give students the abilty to create works for virtually any venue. The Cinewave RT realtime video suite will be integrated into our already extensive video production facilities, and will allow students to create and present works using both standard definition video and later High Definition video works.

    The additional items will supplement our current production resources, filling in areas of most need and replacing several items that been in such high demand over the past several years that they have literally worn out. Most of the items are software tools that will be used to populate our new computer labs that are part of the Raitt Hall renovation, expected to be finished by Fall 2003. Some additional video production equipment is requested to supplement existing equipment, and replace equipment worn by many years of heavy use.

  • Access:
    All items from this proposal, like all of DXArts resources, are availible to the general student population through approved CARTAH projects. Proposals are made through CARTAH's web site ( cartah) and CARTAH accepts virtually all student initiated proposals. In addition, these items will be availible to students taking DXArts classes and those entering the new DXArts program. DXArts classes will have departmentally funded equipment and software, but some items in this proposal will be used to suplement this equipment. Class use will be kept well below the 50% threshhold. DXArts, including CARTAH, is currrently housed in the basement of Thomson Hall, and the basement of the Music Building. It is hoped that by Fall 2003 we will complete the multi-million dollar state-of-the-art renovation of our new integrated home in Raitt Hall. All equipment is availible during our regular office hours, and much of the production and presentation equipment will be availible for checkout.

  • Resources:
    DXArts has three full time technical support staff members, four faculty members, and numerous graduate student assistants and teaching assistants, who are all availible as consultants for any DXArts or CARTAH project. DXArts has an annual supplies budget of over $25,000, which will be used in part to maintain and upgrade current and proposed equipment. DXArts has an extensive array of production, post-production, and presentation equipment including professional grade digital video and digital audio capture equipment, lighting, sound, and production equipment, video editing suites, portable video projectors, and portable and large venue audio presentation equipment.

  • Timeline:
    The proposed items will be purchased and integrated into DXArts existing tools as soon as funds become availible.

  • Departmental Endorsement:
    DXArts is a new program, but is a direct outgrowth of the work done at CARTAH. This proposal is supported by Richard Karpen, the Director of both DXArts and CARTAH, and was produced in direct consultation with all the faculty and staff of these programs.

  • Student Endorsement:
    DXArts has already begun offering courses in digital arts, and in Fall 2004 will begin accepting students into the degree program. DXArts will also be offering undergraduate and introduction courses. This equipment will be crucial in helping us provide support for independent projects by students in this program, as well as by students outside the program who are interested in pursuing work in digital media.

    CARTAH continues to provide access to this equipment to the general student body, with over 200 current student based projects, most of them digital video or digital audio based. Below is a sample of current CARTAH projects that would benefit from this proposal. A complete list of CARTAH projects can be found at our web site

    Brian Byrd, Pre-Arts & Sciences Major Contact 24-Hr Movie A team of student film makers takes human subjects from the street and analyzes the effect of the camera on those individuals analyzing a facet of their life and documenting it . The project correlates with current psychologoy studies.

    Gregory Terry, Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Contact 358854 Daddy's Dead

    A short video dealing with the pyschological effects between father and sons, upon learning their father is dying. The short will deal with the three stages of emotions: Denial, Anger, and Remorse. This project is being over seen by Dr. David Stewart of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science. The project will be viewed at different Film Festivals.

    Robert Tynes, Communication Contact 353740 the hip

    'the hip' is a formalist look at dance. using text and looped imagery, 'the hip' explores movement, the male gaze, and the false sense of authority surrounding the medium of video. 'the hip' is a colaborative piece with dancers/choregraphers/teachers Maria Simpson and Peter Schmitz.

    Aubrey Benasa, School of Art Contact Liminality

    Liminality: a threshold or doorway, used in psychology to refer to the threshold between conscious and unconscious levels of experience. A mixed media project researching, exploring and integrating this idea of liminality as well similar in-between states. Will be using digital video and projections as tools for research, experimentation and presentation.

  • Additional Files:

Budget Items

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Description Type Cost Quantity Subtotal
Sanyo PLC-UF10 UXGA 7700 Lumens large venue projector. projector $33777.00 1 $33777.00
  This will provide a unique resource. Currently students who present works in large venues must rent this class of projector at prohibitively high prices
Pinnacle Cinewave RT, real time video editing suite. Cinewave integrates with Final Cut Pro, and can be expanded to support High Definition video sources. audio/video-editing $8308.00 2 $16616.00
  Cinewave is fast becoming the standard RT video editing tool. It will provide students with real world experience and allow for on site real time video editing for theater and art pieces.
Waves Gold Bundle Noise Reduction Software. audio/video-editing $661.00 20 $13220.00
  One of the most requested software packages. Noise reduction and recording restoration plug-in suite. Advanced tools for restoring archival recordings (removal of hum, clicks, crackle). Also will provide high-quality noise reduction for field recordings gathered for composition, research, and sound-effects and film, multimedia sound, and recordings for CD publication.
Waves Gold Bundle, Professional quality audio processing software for existing stereo and multi-track digital sound editor. audio/video-editing $661.00 20 $13220.00
  These plug-ins will be used in editing and mastering computer music compositions, soundtracks for video and film, multimedia sound, and recordings for CD publication.
Macintosh Common Lisp 5.0, lisp programming language, unlimited campus site license. software-productivity $15232.00 1 $15232.00
  Common Lisp is used in a vast array of scientific and academic fields, and is an an essential programming language for developing digital audio. A campus wide site license is the cheapest way to provide the 25 licenses need for the new DXArts labs in Raitt Hall. As an added benifit DXArts will manage the license, and provide the software for free to any campus units or labs that request it.
Macintosh Common Lisp site license renwals. software-productivity $3808.00 2 $7616.00
  Two MCL site license renewals for a total of a three year UW campus wide site license
Peak 3.1, 5 seat license, two channel audio editing software. audio/video-editing $988.00 4 $3952.00
  Four 5-seat license (20 total). A simple and easy to use audio editing suite that integrates well with Final Cut Pro, and can access a wide range of industry standard plug-ins, including the requested Wave plug-ins. It is ideal for beginning students.
Finale Music Notation Software. software-discipline-specific $86.00 20 $1720.00
  Finale is the industry standard music notation software, used to create muical scores.
MOTU Digital Performer, 5-seat license, multi track audio editing software audio/video-editing $1419.00 4 $5676.00
  Digital Performer is multi track audio mixing and editing tool used to edit and mix complex multi-channel audio for performance, CD, and DVD.
Glidecam V-8 video stablization system, including vest, camera mount, and low mode mount. audio/video-hardware $3045.00 1 $3045.00
  Our most reqested hardware item! The glidecam system is similar to the stedicam, and gives extremely stable 'hand held' video shots. This will replace our existing Stedicam Jr, a much less capable device nearing the end of it's useful lifespan.
Final Cut Pro 3.0 lab licenses audio/video-editing $271.00 10 $2710.00
  This will expand our current video editing capacity by allowing us to install FCP on all of our lab Macintoshes.
Final Cut Pro Cinema Tools lab license audio/video-editing $271.00 10 $2710.00
  This FCP add on will allow editing of 24p and HD video sources. Cameras like our new Panasonic DVX100 can shoot video at the same frame rate as film (24fps progressive) . This gives video a very professional film look, and is one of the most exciting advancements in digital video.
Final Cut Pro Cinema Tools Media Kit. audio/video-editing $53.00 1 $53.00
  This kit provides the CD and documentation for the lab licenses of Cinema Tools
Bogen 540ART 2 Stage Tripod with Fluid Head and case audio/video-hardware $2195.00 2 $4390.00
  This professional grade tripod uses a smoth panning fluid head, supports our latest full size 20lb DV camcorders, and can be used with optional dollys and cranes.
Gitzo G1552 Carbon Fiber Microphone Boom audio/video-hardware $287.00 2 $574.00
  This is to replace existing and extensively used microphone boom poles.
Total Requested:      $124,511.00


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Decision: Fully funded
Funded Amount: $124,511.00

Award Paragraph:
The Student Technology Fee Committee has completed reviewing proposals for its first proposal cycle this year. The Committee considered more than 60 proposals during this cycle.

The Committee has decided to fund your proposal for the full amount of $124,511. We wish you success in the installation of the new equipment.


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