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DXARTS New Labs and Studios Launch

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The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) has just completed the over one million dollar renovation and outfitting of its new home in Raitt Hall. This entirely new array of laboratories, studios, and experimental learning spaces creates an unprecedented opportunity to expand already extensive audio and video editing and production facilities, and humanities computing resources, as well as add resources previously unavailable to the general student population. This proposal will provide to students advanced video production equipment, create post-production studios, add and update hardware and software for computer labs, and add unique humanities research tools.



The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media is a new degree granting program unique to the University of Washington. DXARTS is designed to establish the University of Washington as one of the world?s leading institutions for the creation and study of new and experimental genres of digital art and culture. This program is an outgrowth of CARTAH, the Center for Advanced Technology in the Arts and Humanities. CARTAH is the primary access point to the general student body for all DXARTS resources. DXARTS has just completed the over one million dollar renovation of it?s new space in Raitt Hall, which will be the new home for both DXARTS and CARTAH. DXARTS will begin accepting students into its BFA and PhD programs in the Fall of 2004, and it currently offers over 20 classes. Most classes are open to non-majors, and the cross-disciplinary nature of the program means that students from almost every field will be involved in these classes. In addition, through CARTAH virtually all the resources and equipment of the DXARTS program are available to any student. This of course includes all STF purchased equipment, as well as a great deal of equipment purchased through other means. DXARTS prides itself on opening access to advanced video and audio tools and techniques to all students of the University of Washington, and it works to create a vibrant and active community of artists and researchers who work together from across many disciplines.


This proposal will greatly expand and enhance all services offered by DXARTS and CARTAH. It is designed to take advantage of the unique opportunities created by the construction of state of the art studio and lab space in Raitt Hall, and it will leverage the full range of new resources that the new space offers. These resources include newly built sound attenuated individual studios, audio, video, and computing equipment, and 30 new G5 workstations and server equipment donated by Apple Computer.

This proposal has five main components. Each component is able to stand on its own merits, but each component also supports the other components of this proposal. Overall this proposal will enhance the already impressive video, audio, and imaging capabilities built up over the years and given structure by the state of the art renovation and outfitting of Raitt Hall.

Video Production. This component will add professional video production tools to already extensive video production equipment. These tools include a camera dolly system, ?field? video monitors, and a full range of lenses, filters, and specialized enclosures for existing video equipment. This equipment will be available through CARTAH and will give student film makers access equipment normally too expensive for students to rent. All the items in this component are designed to supplement already existing cameras, lighting, and stabilization equipment, and are primarily derived from student requests.

Studio Suites. This component will create a suite of five high-end video and audio post-production studios. These studios will use newly built sound attenuated studio rooms. DXARTS will provide new furnishings, computers, and support equipment provided by departmental funds and other non-STF sources. The studios will be available to any student through CARTAH, as well as majors and non-majors taking DXARTS classes. This component will include video editing equipment, video monitors, multi-channel sound systems, as well as some specialized equipment for audio and DVD authoring and monitoring.

Digital Arts. This component will complement and upgrade our existing software and hardware tools for the creation of digital arts, including audio, video, and still images. This component includes audio capture hardware and an extensive array of production software. These will be integrated with existing software and hardware into our new labs in Raitt Hall. Approximately one third of this equipment will be in classroom labs, the rest will be in labs open to all CARTAH clients and students taking DXARTS classes. Classroom labs will be available about 50% of the time for individual projects through CARTAH and will always be open for personal use to students taking DXARTS classes.

Humanities: This component will give a unique resource to students at the University of Washington, as well as enhance existing humanities based research. The centerpiece of this component is the Bookeye Orbital Scanner. This device is designed to scan irregularly shaped items, bound books, and items too fragile to us in a normal scanner. Much of humanities research involves delicate and often unique texts, images, and artifacts. This scanner will be invaluable in archiving and studying these items.

Enhancements: This component will enhance and extend existing STF and non-STF equipment. Most of these items are included at the request of students. This component also includes items designed to complement and complete 30 G5 Macintosh workstations, given to us by Apple as part of a generous grant to the new DXARTS program. This includes a request for KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches that will enable us to run multiple workstations at the same work desk. The breadth of our services means that we need multiple operating systems on more workstations then we would normally have room for. The KVM switches will allow us to place the new workstations as well as specialized software and hardware in publicly accessible labs.

Student access

Primary access for this equipment will be through CARTAH. CARTAH is a project based resource. Students from any department can submit a short structured research proposal. Virtually all proposals are accepted, with preference given to students in the arts and humanities. If accepted, students will gain access to all STF purchased equipment, as well as an extensive array of equipment from departmental funds and other grants. Some equipment requires specialized training to use, but training is regularly available. Much of this equipment will also be available to majors and non-majors taking DXARTS classes.

Available resources

DXARTS and CARTAH have a combined budget of over $40,000 for equipment and supplies. A significant portion is used to insure, maintain, and enhance our extensive and growing inventory of equipment available to the general student body. DXARTS has five faculty members, three full time technical and research support staff, a full time office coordinator, over six graduate student assistants, and a number of work study students. All of them are available to consult with students using our facilities. DXARTS and CARTAH have just completed the renovation of our new space in Raitt Hall. This is a complete renovation and includes state of the art classroom, lab, and studio space. Along with an impressive array of video, audio, imaging, and computing resources, we pride our selves on providing expert help and a working environment that fosters excellence and a strong sense of community.

Installation timeline

This equipment will be purchased as soon as funds become available.

Departmental endorsement

DXARTS is a new program, but is a direct outgrowth of the work done at CARTAH. This proposal is supported by Richard Karpen, the Director of both DXARTS and CARTAH, and was produced in direct consultation with all the faculty and staff of these programs.

Student endorsement

DXARTS has already begun offering courses in digital arts, and in Spring 2004 will begin accepting students into the degree program. DXARTS will also be offering undergraduate and introduction courses. This equipment will be crucial in helping us provide support for independent projects by students in this program, as well as by students outside the program who are interested in pursuing work in digital media.

CARTAH continues to provide access to this equipment to the general student body, with over 200 current student based projects, most of them digital video or digital audio based. Below is a sample of current CARTAH projects that would benefit from this proposal. A complete list of CARTAH projects can be found at our web site http://www.washington.edu/cartah.

Many of the items in this proposal where directly requested by students in DXARTS and CARTAH. Student requested items are listed as such in the item descriptions section.

daniel strader, Contact daniel_strader@hotmail.com Somniferum

A 10 minute tale of 'Wretched Excess' shot in DV w/ digital post production. Style of piece will be inspired by the formalist cinema tradition and cutting edge technology. An emphasis will be placed on story and cinematography.

Somniferum - A tale of Wretched Excess...

'We are fascinated with people who push the limits of acceptable behavior, either by choice or by accident.' 'This fascination for people who inhabit the margins of society is what makes this wretched excess so interesting....' You and I probably fall into the middle... 'But life sometimes throws us a curve that we can't handle. ...Now you're on the margins of society and probably on the margin of acceptable behavior.?

The digital film 'Somniferum' will explore emotion and meaning in the context of 'wretched excess'.

A small film production crew will be assembled during October. Daniel Strader will be individual responsible for CARTAH equipment use. Primary post production work will occur outside of CARTAH.

Elif Andac, Sociology Contact elifa@u.washington.edu Box 353340 Nationalisms of Turkey

This project is the initial exploratory step of a larger work looking at the effects and forms of manifestations of civic and ethnic nationalist ideologies among Turkish citizens. It is aiming to conduct a series of interviews with some Turks living in the Northwest, to be followed up by a fieldwork and shooting in Turkey for a documentary, if funded.

Sam Anderson, Drama Contact samwise@u.washington.edu Splatter

We are a group of current and former UW students working on an experimental performance project, based loosely on the Greek myth of Pygmalion, that will involve many multimedia elements. The purpose of our work is to experiment with ways to completely integrate video, live-feed, animation, and other media into a performance piece. These elements are therefore more than just backgrounds or special effects... they are characters that interact with the performers, drive forward the story, and help present the themes of the piece (creativity, relationships, and loss of control thereof).

For example, a slide show (presented with Powerpoint) begins to take live pictures of the onstage action that reveal the characters in a different light. In another sequence, an artist's drawing comes to life through a projected animation, and carries on a flirtatious conversation with its creator. Elsewhere, two characters' unrealistic expectations of each other are presented through comical morphing silhouettes. These are just a few examples of what we want to experiment with over the course of our rehearsal period.

Our inspiration includes the video art work of Tony Oursler, Joan Jonas, Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart, and Bill Viola, as well as many other performance and visual artists.

Collaborators in various capacities (performers, designers, technical assistance, etc.) include Joby Emmons, Rachael Mills-McCabe, Stephanie Albornoz, Hana Lass, Ali Ormiston, Spencer Thorson, Melaena Keckler-Cadiz, Michael McQuilken, Ann Bartek, Heidi Ganser, Adam Dow, and others.

Carley Simpson, Communication Contact houston@u.washington.edu Washington Football: A Day In the Life

This is a feature story, produced by Carley Simpson and Jarod Iverson is the technical director. The story will air in January of 2004 on College Sports Television. Not only am I getting credit for school but I am getting network air time for my own production. This production is featuring starting inside linebacker Marquis Cooper of the Washington Huskies football team. It will show what it is like to live a day in the life of a Washington Football player.

Sarah Gangar, Accounting Contact sgangar@u.washington.edu Rare Punjabi Document

This project is seeking to import a rare document into electronic format. The document is in the Punjabi script. The purpose is to preserve the document, printed in the 1800s, and facilitate distribtuion in North India.



Below are the items making up the current proposal. The asterisk beside items signify that they were approved by the committee. This however was not implemented correctly for our database before 2005, so earlier years may not show this.

Click here for item details.

* Title Type Price Qty Subtotal
Sony DSR-25 DVCAM audio/video-hardware $2,967.60 5 $14,838.00
Polaroid SprinScan 4000 APS Adaptor scanner $147.88 1 $147.88
Sanyo POA-MD13NET Interface Board projector $568.94 1 $568.94
Macintosh G5 RAM 1.5GB memory/ram $393.18 20 $7,863.60
Macintosh G5 RAM 3.5GB memory/ram $895.16 10 $8,951.60
Belkin OmniView SOHO 2-Port DVI KVM misc-equipment $336.40 15
Apple DVI to ADC adaptor monitor $112.66 15 $1,689.90
Apple 23 inch Cinema Display monitor $1,972.31 10 $19,723.10
Millenia Media HV-3d 8-channel preamp audio/video-hardware
$4,714.16 1 $4,714.16
Zaxcom Deva V multi channel recorder audio/video-hardware
$14,239.60 1 $14,239.60
Rycote Microphone 'Blimp' windscreen audio/video-hardware $666.40
1 $666.40
Pup 300 Dolly System audio/video-hardware $8,848.56 1 $8,848.56
Sennheiser ME 66K6 shotgun audio/video-hardware $432.44 5 $2,162.20
BT-LH900 Field Monitor audio/video-hardware $5,276.60 2 $10,553.20
Clapper audio/video-hardware $33.57 2 $67.14
Follow Focus Rig for DVX100 audio/video-hardware $3,980.85 1 $3,980.85
Matte Box Rig for DVX100 audio/video-hardware $3,317.27 1 $3,317.27
Matte Box Rig DV700 audio/video-hardware $3,662.06 1 $3,662.06
DVX100 Telephoto Lens adaptor audio/video-hardware $967.30 1 $967.30
DVX100 Wide Angle lens adaptor audio/video-hardware $739.70 1 $739.70
DVX100 Filter Kit audio/video-hardware $574.69 1 $574.69
4x4 Filters multi-camera kits audio/video-hardware $1,246.11 2
Equinox Underwater housing audio/video-hardware $1,478.26 1 $1,478.26
Fujinon 2/3inch Telephoto Lens DV700 audio/video-hardware
$9,452.40 1 $9,452.40
Fujinon 2/3inch Wide Angle Lens DV700 audio/video-hardware
$6,678.00 1 $6,678.00
Reflecmedia Chromatte 12x10 Fabric audio/video-hardware $4,914.35
1 $4,914.35
Panasonic AG-1980 audio/video-hardware $1,009.20 5 $5,046.00
Panasonic BT-LH1500 audio/video-hardware $6,111.92 5 $30,559.60
Comprehensive CVG-4X4S audio/video-hardware $846.00 5 $4,230.00
Cables audio/video-hardware $341.00 5 $1,705.00
Genelec 1029.LSE surround system audio/video-hardware $4,164.40 5
Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer audio/video-hardware $1,770.80 5
Pioneer DVD-7400 industrial DVD player audio/video-hardware
$790.51 5 $3,952.55
Sharp Aquos LC15B2U 15 audio/video-hardware $786.16 5 $3,930.80
Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder audio/video-hardware $1,365.60 1 $1,365.60
Sony CDP-D11 CD player audio/video-hardware $682.80 1 $682.80
Korg SP200 midi keyboard audio/video-hardware $910.40 1 $910.40
MOTU 828 Firewire Audio Interface Board audio/video-hardware
$826.00 15 $12,390.00
Apple Final Cut Pro Lab License software-graphics $278.21 20 $5,564.20
Adobe Photoshop software-graphics $147.94 20 $2,958.80
Adobe Aftereffects Pro audio/video-hardware $147.94 10 $1,479.40
Sony 7506 Headphones audio/video-hardware $113.80 30 $3,414.00
Discrete Cleaner Pro software-graphics $227.60 5 $1,138.00
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro software-discipline-specific $340.26 5
Apple Shake software-graphics $5,515.00 2 $11,030.00
Adobe Atmosphere software-discipline-specific $227.60 2 $455.20
Magic Bullet HD software-graphics $1,132.31 2 $2,264.62
Bookeye Orbital Scanner scanner $33,660.40 1 $33,660.40
PCTex Site License Software $928.61 1 $928.61
Macromedia Dremweaver software-webdesign $112.66 2 $225.32
Quark Xpress for OS X software-productivity $1,023.06 1 $1,023.06
Macromedia Flash software-webdesign $112.66 2 $225.32
Adobe Acrobat software-productivity $33.00 8 $264.00
Adobe Illustrator software-graphics $112.66 2 $225.32
RODE NT4 Stereo Microphone audio/video-hardware $449.95 1 $449.95

*Total:* $299,793.63



Decision: Partially Funded Award: $266,133.00 The Committee has decided to fund your proposal for the partial amount of $266,133.

This is to include all items requested except for the Orbital Scanner. The Committee believes that such delicate items should be scanned at Special Collections or other similar location and it doesn't make sense to bring these items to Raitt Hall.



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