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DXARTS Incubator Open Studio

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The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media Incubator is a locus of artistic and engineering research located in Raitt Hall on the Quad. The Incubator contains studios, labs, and workshops for computer animation, robotics, holographics, digital video, and sound. With the help of the Student Technology Fee this proposal will create the Incubator Open Studio. The Open Studio will enable DXARTS to make the extraordinary array of resources in the Incubator available to the general student body. The Open Studio is a joint project among DXARTS, CARTAH, Classroom Support Services, and Apple Computer. It will be a completely new computing center, and will form the hub of the DXARTS Incubator. The Open Studio will be a drop-in computer lab, a classroom for teaching DXARTS and other computer intensive courses, and it will be a studio for individual and group projects. The Open Studio will provide open access for Computer Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, Audio, and Rapid Prototyping and other Digital Media software and hardware.



The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media is a new degree granting program unique to the University of Washington. DXARTS is designed to establish the University of Washington as one of the world?s leading institutions for the creation and study of new and experimental genres of digital art and culture.

Part of our mandate is to expand access to the technologies and techniques of digital arts to as many students as possible. Most DXARTS classes are open to non-majors, and the cross-disciplinary nature of the program means that students from almost every field will be involved in these classes. In addition, through CARTAH, virtually all the resources and equipment of the DXARTS program are available to any student. This of course includes all STF purchased equipment, as well as a great deal of equipment purchased through other means.

DXARTS prides itself on opening access to advanced technological tools and techniques to all students of the University of Washington, and we work to create a vibrant and active community of artists and researchers who work together from across many disciplines. To further these goals we have worked to build partnerships that bring unique resources to the University of Washington and that make those resources available to all students. The Student Technology Fee has been an essential partner with DXARTS and the committee has been extraordinarily supportive of our mission over the years. We believe we have returned that trust by working to ensure that not only are STF resources available to all students, but that those resources are stretched further by making them a part of a broader pool of funds that we combine to bring the most advanced artistic and technological resources available to the all students of the University of Washington.

One of the most exciting of these resources is the DXARTS Incubator. The Incubator is a new and developing cluster of studios, labs, and workshops for computer animation, robotics, holography, sound, and video. This proposal creates a hub for these resources, creating a common and openly accessible space for teaching, collaborating, and working with resources of the Incubator.

The Incubator Open Studio is path-breaking new model for combined teaching and open studio space. DXARTS and CARTAH are working with Classroom Services and Apple Computer to create the Open Studio, which will be a completely new computing center. The Open Studio will combine drop-in, classroom, and project based access to the latest in computer, video and audio equipment.


This proposal will enable DXARTS to create the Incubator Open Studio. The Open Studio will create cutting edge Computer Animation, Computer Imaging, Video, and Sound tools for drop-in, classroom, and project based works.

DXARTS, in partnership with Classroom Support Services, has already begun design work for for the Open Studio. The Open Studio will be located what are currently classrooms in 107 and 109 Raitt Hall. These classrooms will be completely updated and combined into one larger space. The new space will be renovated and furnished to create a state of the art combined teaching and open studio space.

During the morning hours the Open Studio will be a drop-in lab open to all students. Drop-in students will have access the full range of animation, modeling, video, audio, and other computing resources. During the afternoon the Open Studio will be classroom for teaching DXARTS and other computer intensive courses, as well as DXARTS and CARTAH sponsered open workshops. For all other times it will be available to DXARTS and CARTAH students with after hours access.

The Open Studio will give all students on campus access to the latest in industry standard tools in Video, Animation, and Audio. More importantly, students will have access to consultants who are experts in using these tools. A significant benefit to students working in the Open Studio will be the abundance of help they will receive from both DXARTS and CARTAH, as well as from the community of students and researchers working in this space. Drop-in students who find they need even greater access to the equipment or have specific consulting needs will be encouraged to submit a CARTAH project proposal.

With the help of the Student Technology Fee, students will not only have access to Macintosh and PC workstations with copies of ubiquitous artistic tools such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, they will have access as to more advanced and sophisticated tools such as Maya Computer Animation software and Shake Video Effects Composting tools and a number of tools for 3D modeling, and Rapid Prototyping.

The Open Studio will also act as a gateway to all the resources of the DXARTS Incubator. DXARTS will be offering regular free workshops open to all students. These workshops will cover the full range of tools available in the DXARTS Incubator. This will include the common tools, as well as the more advanced software such as Shake, Maya, and 3D Rapid Prototyping techniques and software.

As a side benefit, this proposal will make the Open Studio a new drop-in computer lab located on the Quad, which will be available for more common computer uses during the morning hours.

Student access

The Incubator Open Studio will have three main uses. On weekdays from 8:00 through 12:30 it will be an open access drop-in lab. The computers will be available to any registered student during these times and will be staffed by experts in the software tools in the lab.

From 12:30 through 4:30 it will be used primarily as a classroom, though this will include free and open workshops offered by DXARTS covering all the resources available in the Incubator.

For all other hours it will be open to all students who have pre-approved access, either through DXARTS or through a CARTAH project. Any student may apply for a CARTAH project and most student applications are approved.

Available resources

Along with the Student Technology Fee itself, the Open Studio brings together three important partners to create the resources for a project of this size. This includes DXARTS, Classroom Support Services, and Apple Computer.

The most significant resource is the space itself. Based on a proposal by DXARTS, the Provost has directed Classroom Support Services to collaborate on the creation of a path-breaking new model for open student access to advanced Digital Arts and New Media technologies. Two existing classrooms, 107 and 109 Raitt Hall, will be combined and renovated into a new space. As anyone who has had to deal with space issue on campus will tell you, this is no small thing. Space is very difficult to secure, especially such a large space in such a central location on the Quad. Space is quite likely the single scarcest resource on campus.

DXARTS will oversee the renovation and manage this new facility enabling what used to be standard classroom space to be transformed into a student-centered laboratory. The Open Studio will include gigabit Ethernet and C&C installed wireless access, new furnishings, and security and access features to allow for after hours access. The renovation is being funded jointly by DXARTS and Classroom Support Services and is expected to cost over $200,000.

Apple Computer with help from their campus representative Chuck Kenney has very generously agreed to provide Cinema Display monitors for all the Apple G5 workstations the Student Technology Fee funds. Given the size of this proposal this will represent over $50,000 worth of equipment. Apple Computer has been instrumental in helping DXARTS grow. They provided our 30 G5 ?seed? workstations last year, as well as our server and RAID, and have worked with us to provide students equipment for their first introduction to the University of Washington. We cannot overstate the importance of this relationship. With the help of the STF we hope to continue this parternship.

DXARTS will be providing funding for Open Studio student lab monitors during morning hours, insurance for all STF and non-STF equipment in the room, and funding for repairs and upgrades. DXARTS has three full time technical staff and two part time technical staff. Along with their regular duties they will be available to setup, maintain, and manage the equipment in the Open Studio.

CARTAH will help provide after hours access to his space and will also help organize and sponsor regular open access seminars to help interested students get started with the sophisticated software and hardware available in the DXARTS Incubator. CARTAH will also help staff the Open Studio during drop-in hours.

Installation timeline

The design and planning for the new Incubator Open Studio has already begun. The space in Raitt 107 and 109 has already been allocated and funding has been secured. These classrooms will be renovated during Spring quarter and should be completed before the beginning of Summer Quarter. All items in this proposal will be purchased to coinside with completion of the Open Studio. We expect to complete all purchases by the middle of Summer quarter.

Departmental endorsement

This proposal would not have been possible without the approval of the Provost and the partnership and support of Classroom Support Services. CSS Director Roberta Hopkins has been instrumental in securing the space and funding neccessary for the Incubator Open Studio and fully supports this proposal.

Apple Computer, with the help of their University of Washington representative Chuck Kenney, is a critical partner in this proposal. Their generous agreement to provide the monitors for the 30 Apple G5 workstations funded by this proposal continues the Apple Computer tradition of supporting the Arts and Education.

Professor Richard Karpen, Director of DXARTS and CARTAH, fully endorses and supports this proposal.

Student endorsement

DXARTS courses teach approximately 450 student each year. Many of these students work on projects outside of their regular classes. Most DXARTS classes are open to non-majors, and the vast majority of these students are not DXARTS majors. CARTAH has nearly 200 current student based projects. CARTAH is accessible to all UW students. In addition, this proposal will serve as a traditional drop-in lab for all students on the Quad. Below are a sample of comments from both students in DXARTS classes and from CARTAH clients.

From: gary pennock (picklejarmadness@yahoo.com) A state of the art technology center in care of DXARTS and CARTAH will certainly enhance my academic pursuits at the University of Washington. As a student I fully endorse the proposal to use funds from the technology fee. The possibility of just dropping by Raitt Hall and applying the computer programming skills I am learning to the latest technology and software excites me. Not only will I be helped by professionals, but I am confident, from taking DXARTS 200 and hearing artist presentations by the faculty, that I will begetting the best of where art, science, and technology meet. For, artist responsibility with technology and the future of technology itself has been emphasized in DXARTS 200. If I wanted to play with computers I would go to ITT. Gary Pennock ------------

From: cmm8@u.washington.edu I think something like this would really give students the drive to get out there and do what they want with technology but couldn't before. The fact they can just drop in on the lab when it isn't in use is great. When one can make their own hours, they work much happier and therefore productively with inspired work. Any new technology is not just a benefit but a necessity in a program like this because computer technology is out of date as soon as you can get your hands on it, an upgrade is a very good way to keep with the trajectory of digital tech. This is key to a new program like DXArts which I might venture to say is an important major in a digitally evolving world. Cheers.Collin Monda ------------

From: The Dunc-Meister (shmonkey300@yahoo.com) DX Arts is a program that has almost unlimited potential. I support the proposal completely since it will allow so much more growth for the program, and our school in general. Duncan Mowatt ------------

From: "Shane Sasnow" (avshane@hotmail.com) I support this proposal. The projected facilities appear to be a positive move towards providing the University of Washington with the means to educate the next generation of artists/scientists. shane ------------

From: felixctc@u.washington.edu I definitely support the proposal because it is a great idea. Allowing UW students to use the latest technology and be able to have hands on experience is very essential to all the students who want to get into the field. By providing this opportunity to UW students, I believe it will help the students a lot. Felix ------------

From: "Robert E. Tyree" (tyreer@u.washington.edu) This quarter introduced me to DXARTS, the best University program in the world. As a student enrolled in DXARTS 450 - 'experiments in digital video' I have 24 hour access to the DXARTS video lab in Raitt Hall. My working rhythm has been revolutionized by this access. I usually come in to the lab around 3am. I am able to work with a degree of concentration and efficiency that I have never experienced. At dawn I'm sitting in what I consider a near perfect work space, and I like it all very much. I completely endorse the 'Open Studio' proposal, as it will grant other students access to stellar work spaces on par with the DXARTS video lab. Realizing the 'Open Studio' would allow students to engage their work at a level that many cannot imagine. Students at the University of Washington deserve access to such facilities. Robert Tyree 3rd year undergraduate Intended major: DXARTS Minor: Dance ------------

From: allisonx@u.washington.edu The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media's Incubator Open Studio will be a great addition to the University of Washington. It offers tools to students they could not find elsewhere. It opens up several possibilities for creative study using technology and will truly be an incubator for the future of technology. The lab is an essential place for making this work happen. I thoroughly endorse this proposition. ------------

From: carolfms@u.washington.edu The Incubator Open Studio at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media will be very helpful for my ongoing projects. I?m particularly interested in exploring animation and interactive video art, so having access to a lab outfitted with state-of-the-art production tools (specifically software) in Computer Animation, 3D Modeling, Video, Audio, Rapid Prototyping and other Digital Media software and hardware, will enable me to perform highly, and without technological constraints. I hope the Open Studio receives all the sponsorship it needs to be fully functional. Sincerely, Carolina F. de Mello-e-Souza ------------

From: jkollin@u.washington.edu The Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media Incubator is unique in that it allows research and development of media technology in a artistic context. While other facilities exist for animation,robotics,3D display, video, and sound, these tend either in an engineering or an end-user context. This often leads to an unfortunate disconnect between the two communities. By using the tools we develop, we gain critical insights which enable us to get past the technology rather than being limited by it, allowing us in turn to improve it. The Open Studio will allow us to share and improve our capabilities by providing a wider context for DXARTS as well as sharing resources and expertise with the entire student body. ------------

From: themouth21@hotmail.com I give my full endorsement for the Incubator Open Studio. Through the DXARTS program already I have been able to interface with new technology that would otherwise be impossible to attain on a student's budget. Also under the experimental circumstances of the department, this facility would further allow for our institution's ability to advance that technology and to do interesting things with it. By providing more space and software to this purpose it also facilitates the ability for many students to coalesce together into works, and to create a larger quasi-artistic/scientific community in this ground-breaking, experimental field. By providing students with a space and industry-level software, we are able to create more professional works and further advance our craft. Our prospects of stepping out into the 'real world' or across institutions are more available, due to our knowledge of such technical materials. College is a time to broaden our horizons and by providing an advanced survey of tools it allows us to explore our world more readily. Thank you for considering this project, Johnathan G. Lyon ------------

From: strata2@u.washington.edu The uses for a well-outfitted DXARTS lab are countless. The hardware and software packages available today for 3D Design, Digital Audio and Video, Holographic, Robotics, etc. are extremely powerful yet these are often expensive and out of reach for many students during their education and throughout their research projects. The equipment, if made available, would provide many outstanding students with the means to execute nearly limitless projects in the arts and humanities- and certainly help to propel the DXARTS Program in research and development. Sincerely, Alan a. Strathmann ------------

From: E. Trebacz (trebacze@u.washington.edu) The Open Studio appears to me as an excellent and quite extraordinary opportunity for students and researchers. The biggest advantage of this project is a unique combination of multi-disciplinary software and hardware in one single space which creates a chance to collaborate and join experiences from various fields of experimental art and science. It should be pointed out that such a combination seems quite unusual especially in an academic environment.

Ewa Trebacz ------------ From: Nic Nakis (madgreekusa@yahoo.com) When I transferred to UW in Spring of '04, I spent my first week of classes exploring the campus. My hobby, my career, and my education are all focused on filmmaking, so I was looking for the resources available at the University in that field. I found the Film Club, the Drama department, Cinema Studies, CARTAH and DXarts. The CARTAH/DXARTS resources seemed the most promising. There were cameras, audio equipment, and editing stations available for use by all students with approved projects, as well as support equipment. I did a handful of CARTAH projects that quarter, using a number of the cameras and accessories, as well as the Apple workstations. I found the grad student support to be excellent. However, the video and audio gear itself was disappointing, and access to the computers was restrictive. This initiative would increase those hours of access, allow for the purchase of newer, better equipment, and provide for training sessions and full-time support for student projects. That?s definitely the kind of thing I want my Technology Fee money spent on.- Nic Nakis ------------

From: peacock2@u.washington.edu I would like to express my enthusiasm for the Incubator Open Studio. As a busy graduate student, I can attest to the need for an open, flexible digital studio that will accommodate my schedule and provide access to a range of hardware and software tools. The Incubator Open Studio will function as a creative community, and will foster collaborative work among students from all disciplines. David Peacock ------------ From: petemoss@petemoss.org The proposed Incubator will be a tremendous gain for the DXARTS program. It will enable students to work directly with industry leaders Apple to develop new systems for computing and the arts. This proposal will also allow students to get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art machines and techniques so that the students are better prepared for the prfessional world. I whole-heartedly endorse this new Incubator, and hope that it comes to fruition. Thanks William Moss, Doctoral Student, Music and DXARTS ------------

From: coupe@u.washington.edu I would like to endorse the DXARTS STF proposal, because I feel it will be an important means for DXARTS to maintain the momentum that they have built up so far. The program is not only unique, but it is innovative and continually looking for ways to open up new paths of investigation. The resources that the STF fund can provide are key in allowing these new investigations to germinate. James Coupe ------------

From: mrm5@u.washington.edu As an arts student, I understand the importance of having a wide range of tools available for research and experimentation. As a University student, I appreciate the many possibilities for interdepartmental collaboration, and in fact this is one of the main reasons I chose the UW. The proposal offered to the University community by DXARTS does not involve just another computer lab: it offers space and materials where diverse members of the UW can come together to share knowledge and tools. This would likely open up new areas of research in digital media and provide new applications in otherwise unrelated disciplines. The University would greatly benefit from this proposal. ------------

From: tivon@u.washington.edu With this letter I hope to encourage the funding of the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media Incubator Open Studio. As a student in the Masters of Fine Arts program I have been very fortunate to experience the culture that has been fostered around DXARTS; a community of artists sharing ideas about the creative potential of innovative technologies. Essential to this exchange of ideas is the accessibility of the DXARTS facilities. I can attest to the importance and value of these labs as I head the Digital Imaging Center at the UW Ceramics and Metal Arts facilities. In running this lab I can appreciate the vital role the Student Technology Fee has played in providing the Sculpture and Ceramics communities with access to such essential equipment. I am truly excited about the potential for discovery and exchange at the Center for DXARTS, and I completely endorse the proposed funding for the Open Studio.

Sincerely, Tivon Rice MFA - Sculpture - University of Washington ------------

From: noelpaul@u.washington.edu As a graduate student engaged in all manner of multimedia production, from surround-sound audio design to web-based graphics to digital film production, I whole-heartedly endorse this request for the partial outfitting of the DXARTS Incubator Open Lab. I plan to make use of the Open Lab as a space for collaboration with interdisciplinary groups of students working together on all sorts of multimedia products. Noel Paul



Below are the items making up the current proposal. The asterisk beside items signify that they were approved by the committee. This however was not implemented correctly for our database before 2005, so earlier years may not show this.

Click here for item details.

* Title Type Price Qty Subtotal
* Sony DSR-25 DVCam VCR audio/video-hardware $3,263.00 5 $16,315.00
* Sony PVM-9L3 9-inch production monitor audio/video-editing
$1,083.00 5 $5,415.00
* Alias Maya Unlimited 6.0 software-graphics $543.00 15 $8,145.00
* Canon Realis SX50 Video Projector projector $4,351.00 2 $8,702.00
* Apple Workstations macintosh $4,594.00 30 $137,820.00
* Dell WindowsXP Workstations windows-pc $3,571.00 6 $21,426.00
* RME Fireface-800 audio interface audio/video-editing $1,681.00 5
* Logitech 3 button optical mouse 10pk Hardware $140.00 3 $420.00
* Apple iSight video-camera $140.00 15 $2,100.00
* Epson Perfection 4180 Photo flatbed scan scanner $270.00 5 $1,350.00
* Epson Stylus Photo 2200 w/ network adapt printer $869.00 2 $1,738.00
* Wacom Intuos 4x5 draw tablet Hardware $240.00 10 $2,400.00
* Sony MDR-7506 Stereo Headphones audio/video-hardware $109.00 25
* Lacie Extreme Big Disk 400GB firewire dr Hardware $435.00 10
* Misc. Cables Hardware $5,440.00 1 $5,440.00
* Adobe After Effects 6.5 Professional software-graphics $140.00
15 $2,100.00
* Adobe Creative Suite 1.1 software-graphics $177.00 25 $4,425.00
* Apple Production Suite Licenses software-graphics $435.00 15
* Apple Production Suite media kit software-graphics $125.00 1 $125.00
* Apple Shake 3.5 floating license software-graphics $1,305.00 15
* Macromedia Studio MX Pro 2004 software-webdesign $271.00 25
* Okino NuGraf software-discipline-specific $542.00 2 $1,084.00
* Rhinoceros Rhino 3.0 software-discipline-specific $212.00 2 $424.00
* MOTU Digital Performer 4.5 software-discipline-specific $272.00
10 $2,720.00
* WAVES Gold Bundle, Native software-discipline-specific $707.00
10 $7,070.00
* MAX/MSP/Jitter software-discipline-specific $490.00 20 $9,800.00
* MOTU Digital Performer 4.5 Upgrade software-discipline-specific
$164.00 20 $3,280.00
* WAVES Gold Bundle, Native software-discipline-specific $154.00
20 $3,080.00
* MAX/MSP/Jitter Upgrade software-discipline-specific $109.00 10

*Total:* $294,824.00



Decision: Fully Funded Award: $294,824.00 Congratulations! The committee decided to fund your proposal for the full amount of $294,824. We wish you success in the implementation of your proposal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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1. I am writing in support of this years Digital Arts Student Technology Fee Grant. DXARTS is a truly unique space at the University of Washington. I have been able to take advantage of its resources as a student, teacher and a client of CARTAH. The equipment and access to it have been very valuable to my education and research. This has been even more apparent in the past couple of years as the program has expanded. As a computer music composer and researcher, the access to the DXARTS lab space and equipment has been a tremendous resource, supplying me with high quality recording, sound production and performance equipment. As a teacher assistant in computer music, I can not stress enough how important lab space is to the learning and research experience. It is in spaces like the one being proposed where students and teachers are able to work side by side, sharing and experimenting the ideas of future art. I strongly urge you to consider funding this space, it will be an invaluable asset to the department, university, and student body. Sncerely, Josh Parmenter

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