AbstractMessageMatcher : Object

Matches incoming messages to Functions


Instances of subclasses of AbstractMessageMatcher are used by subclasses of AbstractWrappingDispatcher to match multiple parameters of incoming messages (i.e. OSC or MIDI) to instances of subclasses of AbstractResponderFunc. This class and its subclasses are private and generally users should not need to address them directly.

Class Methods

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Instance Methods


.func = value

Get or set this object's response Function.


A Function or similar object.


Evaluate an incoming message to see if it matches. Subclasses should override this message to take appropriate arguments. If a match is found, this method should call value on this object's func, passing the message as appropriate arguments.


As -value above, but with the arguments passed as a single Array. This method is needed so that subclasses can work in FunctionLists.



An Array containing the message and appropriate arguments.

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