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Class : Object

A Class describes the structure and implementation of a set objects which are its instances.
Subclasses: Meta_Object

Class Methods



an Array of all Classes


From superclass: Object

When SuperCollider starts up, just after it has compiled the library, it initializes all the classes from Object down, a depth first traversal of subclasses.

This method can be overloaded in any class that requires initialization of classvars or other resources.

NOTE: Each class will be initialized once, thus each class' initClass is called exactly once during the initialization phase.


used in *initClass to assure the initialisation of aClass before using it. Wherever necessary, it recursively initializes all classes required by aClass.

In some cases it is required that another class and its resources are initialized before you initialize your own. This can be accomplished by

Pre-initialized data such as SynthDefs should be deferred to StartUp

Inherited class methods

Undocumented class methods


Class.classesInited = value


Instance Methods


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/PlusGUI/Core/

Open a graphical browser for this Class. Shows methods, arguments, variables, subclasses, and has buttons for navigating to the superclass, source, helpfile, etc.


Find the Method referred to by name. If not found, return nil.


As above, but climb the class tree to see if the method is inherited from a superclass. If not found, return nil.


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/

Post all instance methods which instances of this class responds too, including inherited ones. this.class.dumpAllMethods will post all class methods which this class responds to.


Dump the byte codes of the named method.


Post the tree of all Classes that inherit from this class.


Post all the methods defined by this Class and their arguments.


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/

Post all the class and instance methods that this class responds to (i.e. those defined in this class and those inherited by it).


Opens the help file for this Class if it exists.


Returns the path of this Class's helpfile as a String.


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/

Opens the helpfile for the class in which the responding method is implemented.


Return this.


Return the name of the class as a String.



A Symbol that is the name of the class.


The next class in a linked list of all classes.


The Class from which this class directly inherits.


An Array of this class's superclasses, going back to Object.


An Array of the direct subclasses of this.


An Array of all subclasses of this.


An Array of the methods of this class.


An Array of the names of the instance variables for this class.


An Array of the names of the class variables for this class.


An Array of the initial values of instance variables.


An Array of the initial values of class variables.


A Symbol which is a path to the file which defines the Class.

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods







From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/




From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/


.findReferences(aSymbol, references)




From extension in /Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks/wslib/wslib-classes/Extensions/Class/


From extension in /Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks/FileLog/






From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/Common/Quarks/