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CtkPEvents : CtkObj : Object

(Undocumented class)
Source: CtkPMod.sc


This class is missing documentation.

Class Methods

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CtkPEvents.new(erlisting, amp: 1, out, init, kill, id, lag: 0.1)

Instance Methods

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.amp_(newAmp, runAmpFunc: true)


.ampFunc = value


.ampSpec = value




.erlisting = anErlisting








.index = anIndex

.initCtkPEvents(argErlisting, argOut, argInit, argKill)



.makeGUI(showProcs: false, parent, bounds)




.onEvent = value


.play(anIndex, update: true)


.prepareForRecord(numChannels: 1, startIdx: 0, argRecPath, argTimeStamp: true, argHFormat, argSFormat, argUpdateGUI)








.scoreCapture = bool


.scoreCapturePath = value




.timeStamp(id: 0)


.watchedMods = value

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