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Class Methods

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CtkPMod.new(starttime: 0.0, condition, amp: 1, id, outbus: 0, numChannels: 1, audioIn, numInChannels, addAction: 0, target: 1, server)

Instance Methods

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Undocumented instance methods

.addGroupSlot(key, defaultVal, func)


.addInputOptions( ... ctkAudios)



.addSetter(key, func, isGroup: false)

.addSlot(key, defaultVal, func)


.amp_(newAmp, runAmpFunc: true)


.ampFunc = value


.audioIn_(newIn, numInChannels, update: false)




.collect( ... ctkevents)



.ctkPEvents_(pevent, add: true)





.function = newFunction




.hasGUI = value


.headerFormat = value



.initCPMod(argAddAction, argTarget, argoutbus, argNumChannels, argAudioIn, argNumInChannels)


.initFunc = value




.internalReleaseFunc = value



.makeGUI(parent, bounds)


.next = inval

From superclass: Object




.onReleaseFunc = value


.play(recPath, timeStamp: true, hFormat, sFormat, updateGUI: true)


.recordPath = value



.releaseFunc = value






.responder = aResponder


.routeAmp = newAmp


.routeOut = newOut




.sampleFormat = value


.scoreCapture = bool


.scoreCapturePath = value


.setup(recPath, timeStamp: true, hFormat, sFormat)





.target = newTarget


.value(recPath, timeStamp: true, hFormat, sFormat, updateGUI: true)


.version = value


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