DrawGridX : Object

(Undocumented class)
Source: Grid.sc
Subclasses: DrawGridY


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Class Methods

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DrawGridX.new(grid, bounds)

Instance Methods

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.bounds = value




.constrainLabelExtents = bool



.drawBaseLine = bool


.drawBoundingLines = bool


.drawBoundingRect = bool


.font = afont


.fontColor = color


.grid = g


.gridColor = color



.labelAlign = align


.labelAnchor = anchor


.labelAppendString = str


.labelOffset = pnt




.labelsHiddenBySize = value


.labelsShowUnits = bool


.numTicks = num

.prAddLineCmds(cmds, val, color)




.range = value

.setZoom(min, max)


.showLabels = value


.tickSpacing = px

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