EventStreamPlayer : PauseStream : Stream : AbstractFunction : Object

two streams combined by a binary operator


An EventStreamPlayer is used by Event based Patterns.

The EventStreamPlayer holds a stream which returns a series of Events, and a protoEvent. At each call to next, it copies the protoEvent, passes that to the stream, and calls play on the Event returned.

For more on EventStreamPlayer see Understanding Streams, Patterns and Events - Part 4

EventStreamPlayer uses the same control methods and status notifications as Task.

Class Methods, event)

NOTE: You do not explicitly create an EventStreamPlayers, they are created for you when you call Pattern: -play.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

.play(argClock, doReset: false, quant)



(optional) Override the clock assigned in


If true, the task will start over from the beginning. Default is false (task will resume where it was when it was last stopped).


See the Quant helpfile.

.start(argClock, quant)

From superclass: PauseStream

Restart the task from the beginning.

.resume(argClock, quant)

From superclass: PauseStream

Resume the task where it left off.


From superclass: PauseStream

Stop playing now.


Stop playing now. (Pause and stop have the same implementation.)


Set the stream to restart from the beginning the next time it's played.

.reschedule(argClock, quant)

From superclass: PauseStream

Switch the Task to a different clock, or a different time, without stopping. See Routine: -reschedule for complete documentation.

NOTE: Rescheduling an EventStreamPlayer from within the pattern itself is currently not supported.

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods




.cleanup = value


.event = value



.muteCount = value


.removedFromScheduler(freeNodes: true)


.routine = value


.xplay(fadeTime, argClock, doReset: false, quant: 1.0)

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