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FuzzyDictionary : IdentityDictionary : Dictionary : Set : Collection : Object

random lookup dictionary
Subclasses: FuzzySet


A dictionary that keeps objects with the same key in a list and returns randomly one of them.

Part of MathLib, a diverse library of mathematical functions.

Class Methods

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

.put(key, item)

Put an object into the dictionary. If there is already an object at that key, the new object is added to the list of choices.


Retrieve an object at a key. If there are several, one of them is chosen at random.

.removeAt(key, item)

Remove an object from a certain key. If there are several of the same kind, only one is removed.


Choose a key from all possible keys, and then choose an object from it.

.doAt(key, function)

Iterate over all elements at a certain key.


Return the list of objects at a certain key


From superclass: IdentityDictionary

Return a new fuzzy dictionary with the items passed into the func.

Arguments to the func: elem, key, index, listindex

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods

.keyPut(key, item)